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What You Should Know

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ALLMax Nutrition is a company based in Canada that offers for sale a variety of supplements for weight loss, body building and muscle building. The official website offers extensive information about the various products they sell and athletes they sponsor who use the products and details of their diet, etc. AllMax Nutrition’s products can be purchased via their website if you live within the United States. Many local retailers also offer the same products for sale in their stores. There are no free trials offered upon request however the ALLMax Nutrition website states that if you sign up for their newsletter which contains information on dieting, weight loss, body building and muscle building you can possibly receive free samples when they become available. The ALLMax Nutrition website offers flat rate shipping for a cost of $6.95 or free shipping if your purchase totals over $70.


The following products and supplements are offered by ALLMax Nutrition to meet your needs: Creatine, Energy, Femme Line, General Health, Joint Health, Male’s Sexual Health, Muscle building, Mass Gainer, Pre-Workout Anabolic, Testosterone Optimization, Protein Powder/Bars, Recovery, Thermogenics, Vitamins, Weight Gainers, Weight Loss, Essentials, Fat Burners and even Clothing and Accessories. Supplement information/ingredient lists for all of ALLMax Nutrition’s products can be found on their official website by looking up each product individually. Because they sell so many different products it is impossible to list the ingredients/supplement information for each one here.

Product Features

ALLMax Nutrition offers a variety of products at a variety of prices to meet various individuals’ needs. The supplements can help with weight loss, muscle building and body building. The official website offers weekly specials, featured products, customer testimonials and also a free newsletter that you can sign up to receive. There is even an ALLMax Nutrition facebook page which offers information and a place to discuss and review products with your peers.

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  • ALLMax Nutrition offers a 30 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee on all products purchased through their official website. (Shipping must be paid by the customer.)
  • Customer service appears to be readily available if you have questions or concerns before purchasing a product.
  • The ALLMax Nutrition facebook page gives individuals a way to chat with others who have used the products and receive tips and feedback.


  • ALLMax Nutrition does not offer any free trials upon request.
  • Individuals younger than 18 years of age are advised not to use ALLMax Nutrition products.
  • ALLMax Nutrition products seem to be designed more for body builders then the regular individual looking to lose weight with supplements.


AllMax Nutrition has a variety of products to meet the needs of all different types of individuals. There is a money back guarantee offered for all products purchased through the official website. While the products appear to be effective based on customer testimonials, they seem to be geared more toward the serious body builder than the regular individual looking for a weight loss supplement.

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