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As you may have noticed by now, there are many supplement formulas available to make your life more convenient. Many of these products aim to assist you with weight loss, increase your intake of vitamins and minerals, or simply improve your overall health. This brings us to AloeCran, which is a powder formula developed by the company, Nature City. This powder is stated to be delicious, and have the flavor of sweet cranberry. Furthermore, it is packed with five grams of fiber per serving.

Many people are looking for ways to promote healthy digestion and acquire more nutrients each day. This is what AloeCran is claimed to do for both women and men. There are no warnings that pertain to this product, and it can be consumed whenever. Having said that, AloeCran does not endeavor to promote fat loss, appetite suppression, or calorie burning. Nor does it heighten thermo genesis or boost energy levels throughout the day. Unfortunately there are no free samples of AloeCran available (at least not at the time of this review).

List of Ingredients

Aloe Vera Leaf Gel (200mg), PACran Whole Cranberry Powder (250mg), Fibersol 2 (5g), Malic Acid/Algae Complex (200mg), Stevia Leaf Extract (70mg), Luo Han Guo Fruit Extract (12mg), Gum Acacia, Beet Juice Powder, Natural Flavors, Silica, Potassium Citrate, and Bitter Melon Fruit Extract.

Product Features

AloeCran is essentially an on-the-go powder supplement that can be added to water and drank. The purpose of this product is to provide the user with ample antioxidants and fiber, which are great for the body and overall health. AloeCran is sugar-free, and easy to tote anywhere, such as work, the park, restaurants or shopping centers. A box of 10 packets sells for $14.95, and can be purchased via websites like 911 Health Shop. Other than promote overall health, AloeCran is claimed to relieve bloating, reduce heartburn, regulate blood sugar levels, and lower cholesterol levels. This product is also supposed to work well for constipation.

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  • AloeCran comes in individually wrapped packets, which is convenient.
  • All of the ingredients for this juice powder product are listed out online.


  • It does not look like AloeCran aids with weight loss at all.
  • Some individuals may prefer a supplement in capsule or tablet form instead.
  • There are no reviews posted to support AloeCran.
  • This product does not aim to suppress hunger or burn calories.


There are a number of supplement formulas, bars and powders at your fingertips that aim to do the same things as AloeCran. Overall, this cranberry-flavored powder seems like a good formula for someone on the go, who would like a way to get more vitamins and fiber in their diet. However, AloeCran is not a good product for weight reduction, since it does not aim to promote fat burning or appetite suppression.

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  • 1

    I have been trying to purchase AloeCran, but not having any luck. I have tried to purchase through Nature City and Amazon but was told they don’t ship to Australia. Would you be able to recommend another website.
    Lyndell De La Cruz


    Devon (Editor)

    Unfortunately, Lyndell, AloeCran is a difficult product to come by in Australia. It simply may not be available to you.


  • 2
    Colonel Clifford Keys

    I’ve been taking AloeCran for almost 2 months, and got 6 more packages. QUESTION: Should I take it with or without food?


  • 3
    Bettye Green

    I have it but I need to know the side effects before I take it and does it interfere with the high blood medicine I am taking? Does it detox the body?


  • 4
    Sue Thomas

    have a question. Is there sodium in AloeCran and if there is, how much?


  • 5

    Could you tell me the ingredients of AloeCran? I want to have my doctor look it over because I have several health issues.


  • 6
    Colin Ahrens

    Details of availability and pricing to our location Landsborough.All varieties of packing.THANK you.Colin.


  • 7
    Margaret Fullilove

    Will AloeCran stop the condition of Acid Reflux disease?



    Does AloeCran have any type of artificial sweetners in the AloeCran Powder? I am allergic to all artificial sweetners!


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