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Aloes International was founded by Catherine and Warren Bridges in 1981. Aloes International’s mission is “to bring the good news about Aloe Vera to as many people as possible, so they may enjoy the same benefits that Catherine discovered in 1978 after losing one kidney – and nearly losing her life – more than a decade later”. Aloe Vera is a naturally healing product that is found in Aloe plants. The Bridges were aware of using Aloe on the skin but were excited to learn that Aloe can be taken internally to help the body heal itself from the inside. Aloes International offers products that can help with General Health, Digestive Health, Healthy Vision, Urinary Tract Health, Joint and Muscle Health and Heart Health. Warren Bridges, president of Aloes International, is so sure you will be satisfied with any products you may purchase that he offers a 100% full year money back guarantee. The official website offers a toll free number to call with questions, customer testimonials and a listing of specials/sale prices. Aloes International also offers Catherine’s Club Membership for a cost of $39.97 for one year. With this membership you can receive 10-50% off with special prices on all items you purchase.


An ingredients list can be found for each product sold on the Aloes International website. As they sell a numerous amount of different products, it is impossible to list each product and the ingredient list for each product here.

Product Features

Aloes International offers a wide variety of products designed to help with General, Digestive, Urinary Tract, Joint and Muscle and Hearth Health and even Healthy Vision. There does not appear to by any products designed to promote weight loss sold on the website. The basic premise behind Aloes International is that Aloe can cure not only the outward ailments on the human body but also can help the body to heal itself on the inside.

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  • Aloes International offers products that include Aloe which is a naturally healing product.
  • A 100% one year money back guarantee is offered to customers if they are not satisfied with the product they purchase.
  • Customer testimonials can be found on the Aloes International website which will allow you to hear the opinions of others regarding products before you purchase.


  • Aloes International does not appear to offer their products for sale at local retailers so purchases can only be made online.


Aloes International started out when two people found out that Aloe could be taken internally and used to cure and prevent problems inside the body. It allows the body to heal itself from the inside. Weight loss supplements are not offered by Aloes International however the products they do offer are designed to promote overall health in the body. The money back guarantee, 100% one year no questions asked, is in and of itself a wonderful offer not found at many other companies.

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    does aloe vera have vitamin K IN IT