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Alpha Fat-Loss MRP is a meal replacement shake from Protein Factory that claims to boost fat loss. The ingredient list contains a form of sugar, which is the first indication that Alpha Fat-Loss MRP is not going to be effective for the average dieter. Bodybuilders typically take carbohydrates to facilitate movement of protein to muscles. Even though rice carbohydrate is supposed to have a lower glycemic index (measures affect on blood glucose), it still boost caloric totals for the meal replacement protein.

Protein Factory supports direct online ordering, but no testimonials or clinical trials are available for products offered by the manufacturer. Some products mention clinical trials, but links are not listed. Free trials are not provided by the company.

Alpha Fat-Loss MRP sells for $6.93 base price. Consumers can choose to add extra ingredients like Aminogen, Carbogen and Glutamine Peptides, among others, for an added cost.

List of Ingredients

Rice Oligodextrin, Whey Protein Concentrate, Microfiltration Milk Protein Concentrate, Flax Powder, Fish Oil Powder, Vitamins and Minerals.

Product Features

Rice oligodextrin is rice sugar. There are 25 grams of carbohydrates in the Alpha Fat-Loss MRP, but only 3 grams of sugar. The rice sugars are clearly not listed on the ingredient label as sugars. Whey protein concentrate is a common form of protein used in bodybuilding supplements. Milk protein is another source of protein. Because milk is used in this supplement, dieters who are sensitive to milk or have a milk allergy should not use Alpha Fat-Loss MRP.

Flax powder is a healthy source of omega fatty acids. These will help boost omega 3s, but they will not increase fat loss or metabolism. Fish oil powder is another source of omega fatty acids. Chances are, fish oil powder will change the taste of the Alpha Fat-Loss MRP. Vitamins and minerals are added so the supplement can qualify as a meal replacement protein.

One serving of Alpha Fat-Loss MRP is

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