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Alpiste Plus is a combination of canary seed and raspberry ketones. Canary seed, also known as alpiste, is considered some sort of weight loss product, though little verifiable information can be found on the benefits to health, let alone weight loss. There are some indications that the seeds help breakdown fat and improve digestion. Other informational sources claim the seed is excellent at reducing cholesterol. No matter how many sources of information a dieter finds if none are backed with clinical research or evidence that the claims are rooted in real life use – there is no solid evidence the supplement works to reduce weight.

List of Ingredients


  • Alpiste Seed
  • Raspberry Ketones

Product Features

Alpiste seed, the ingredient Alpiste Plus is named for, is a bird seed commonly fed to the canary – thus the name canary seed. There are tons of supplements that contain alpiste and some claim health benefits like reduced cholesterol and weight loss, but we were unable to find one stitch of clinical proof the canary seed helps the dieter lose weight.

Raspberry ketones, on the other hand, are a popular weight loss ingredient. Unfortunately, there is no clinical evidence this ingredient works either. Dr. Mehmet Oz, celebrity doctor, is likely to blame for the huge influx of raspberry ketone supplements. The doctor claimed, with the help of a special guest host, that raspberry ketones help dieters lose weight more quickly. The guest host even showed a few of her clients who’d lost weight while taking raspberry ketone supplements. What the good doctor and guest host forgot to mention was the fact that these dieters were taking a supplement with caffeine and other ingredients packaged with the raspberry ketones. Animal studies have been completed on the ingredient, but no human studies exist that support weight loss claims.

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  • Ingredients for Alpiste Plus are listed online.
  • Alpiste Plus sells for much less than traditional diet supplements and fat burners.


  • No clinical evidence or user testimonials exist for Alpiste Plus.
  • There is no proof either of the ingredients work as claimed.


Alpiste Plus supplies just two ingredients – canary seed and raspberry ketones. Neither ingredient is going to boost metabolism or reduce hunger, the two main issues with weight loss. There are verifiable, proven ingredients and supplements on the market from manufacturers that can be trusted. Such supplements tend to include ingredients like green tea, caffeine and chromium. It is always a better choice to find a supplement with clinically tested/proven ingredients than one that makes tons of claims but does not back up those claims.

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