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ALR Industries was founded by Author L. Rea in 2001. His motto is “Adapt, Migrate, or Die…Whining is Not an option for those who refuse to accept Mediocrity.” Author L. Rea has spent his entire life in bodybuilding and has lived that motto the whole time. He wanted to put his knowledge to use in helping others reach their goals and full potential. This is what led him to develop ALR Industries. In addition to being a bodybuilder, Author L. Rea is also a scientist. He, along with other scientists, has developed all of the products of ALR Industries. He has experience that spans three decades time in the areas of bodybuilding and biological development and research. This large amount of experience has paved the way for the development of products that are both effective and inventive. Author L. Rea has shared his passion by also writing three books and countless articles on the topics of health and human performance. The rest of his team at ALR Industries shares his profound passion for developing the highest quality products and making them available to the public. ALR Industries offers a satisfaction guarantee and will refund your money in full if you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchase. ALR Industries has donated supplements to fitness and bodybuilding athletes totaling thousands of dollars. They do this because they feel so strongly about the need to support athletes at both the professional and amateur levels. Author L. Rea, along with his team at ALR Industries, is continuously working to develop new and effective supplements to help individuals achieve their goals.


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Product Features

ALR Industries offers the following supplement products: Chain’d Out, Comatose, CR2, Hyperdrive 3.0+, Hypershot, Lean Dreams, N’Gorge, Poison, Pornstar, Primed Ultra, Pro Anabol, Tri-Lean System, T-X, WTF and Zero – Stim. The online store also features clothing for men and women.

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  • ALR Industries offers a variety of supplemental products to meet your individual needs.
  • Author L. Rea, along with his team, have three decades of experience backing up ALR Industries’ products.
  • ALR Industries offers a satisfaction guarantee which allows you to receive a full money back refund if you are not satisfied with the product you purchase.


  • ALR Industries’ products are not intended for individuals under the age of 21.
  • Some serious side effects can possibly occur when taking the products.


ALR Industries offers products for varying needs. The website lists each product along with ingredients and the intended use of the product. As the products sold by ALR Industries are quite strong and can cause serious side effects if not taken properly, you may wish to consult with your doctor before use to make sure it is a safe option for you. If you choose to purchase any of the products and are not satisfied a full money back guarantee is offered.

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    how long do the products last before they expire??? the expiration date on my bottle is scrathed off