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What You Should Know

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ALR Industries N’Gorge is a muscle building supplement that is designed to promote intense muscle pumps by driving anabolic nutrients deep down into the cells of the muscle. The formula that makes up N’Gorge contains substance to build muscle as well as powerful performance boosters. N’Gorge will increase the amount of oxygen and blood delivered to your muscles as well as increasing nutrients. It also prolongs tiredness so you can work out without feeling fatigued. Since you will not feel tired you will be able to increase resistance while increasing reps. N’Gorge is a strong supplement and is not intended to be used by individuals under the age of 21. Side effects such as rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache or any other similar symptoms warrant an immediate call to your doctor. 240 caplets of N’Gorge sell for a suggested retail price of $70.99 however lower prices can be found at various websites online.


Creatine Diphosphate 2g: This will cause an increase in gain in strength and size. Proprietary Nitric Oxide Matrix 550 mg. Glutamine Ethyl Ester: This will allow greater recovery and help with immune function. Citrulline Malate: This protects cells and allows for a fast recovery after working out. It is time released. N (gamma) – Hydroxy – L – Arginine Ethyl Ester and N (omega) – Hydroxy – Nor – L – Arginine: these two unique arginine compounds cause an increase in the production of NO2 and also prolong this production. They do this without having to interfere with creatine absorption which tends to happen with other formulas. Norvaline Ethyl Ester: NO2 production is dramatically enhanced by this which in turn leaves more arginine to be used by NOS (nitric oxide synthesis). This is important because NOS enzymes help to change arginine into citrulline and produce NO2 while doing so.

Product Features

N’Gorge will increase your strength, lean mass and power output. You will notice a dramatic increase in muscle volume and size. Muscle endurance will become greater as well as contractile power. N’Gorge will give you mega pumps and enhance the delivery of oxygen to your muscles. Also nutrient uptake and glucose will become improved.

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  • N’Gorge claims to have unique formulas to improve muscle gains that are not found in other supplements.
  • ALR Industries offers a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their products.


  • N’Gorge only appears to be available for purchase online.
  • This product may cause serious side effects.


N’Gorge is a supplement designed solely for the purpose of achieving muscle gains. It is not a diet or weight loss supplement. It is a rather strong supplement that is intended only for adults age 21 and older and has the possibility of causing serious side effects. Some customer reviews found online are contrary to some of the claims made by N’Gorge. It may be wise to contact your doctor before using this product to determine if it is appropriate for your needs.

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