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Alvidar is marketed as a dietary supplement that will help to get your under-active thyroid gland up and running again. This will give you back the fast-acting, fat burning metabolism that you had when you were younger, instead of the slow and sluggish food-processing system that you have now. A slow metabolism will allow the pounds to keep packing themselves on to your body in non-appealing places like your waist and hips. Alvidar is produced and manufactured by Selmedica Healthcare which is a company that claims to have well over 50 years experience in natural health care. They also sell several other health-related products in addition to Alvidar.

Selmedica Healthcare says that they believe many people are the victim of under-active thyroid glands (hypothyroidism) and that is why people are getting fatter and fatter over the course of their lives. By taking Alvidar, people will increase the activity of their thyroid gland and this will in turn cause them to be more active and burn more fat. Simply put, Alvidar claims that it will cause weight loss in those who have had a hard time losing weight.

List of Ingredients

Not all ingredients seem to be listed anywhere but we know that Alvidar does contain the following:

Laminariae Stipites(Kelp),Fucus Vesiculosus(Bladderwack)
Serenoa Repens(Saw Palmetto),Gentianae Radix(Yellow Gentian),Capsicum Frutescens(Cayenne Pepper),Echinacea Purpurea(Echinacea),Ananas Comosus(Pineapple),Ginkgo Biloba(Ginkgo),Panax Ginseng(Ginseng),Ilex Paraguariensis(Yerba Mate),Filipendula Ulmaria(Queen of the Meadow/Meadowsweet),Hypericum Perforatum(St. John’s Wort),Valeriana Officinalis(Valerian.)

Product Features

Alvidar contains kelp and bladderwack, which are both great sources of iodine and are found naturally in the ocean. Studies show that iodine might stimulate the thyroid gland but the actual benefits, if any, are unknown. Alvidar does contain many healthy ingredients such as ginko, ginseng, and echinacea. Ginko and ginseng are supposed to help harmonize and energize the body and mind while echinacea is a popular ingredient in many products that increase immune system functionanilty.

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  • Contains many healthy ingredients.
  • Ingredients seem to be all natural.


  • Expensive (90 tablets or 30 day supply is $65.)
  • Website seems to have vanished.
  • None of Alvidar’s positive thyroid effects are supported by clinical evidence.
  • Selmedica has a shady track record at best, according to online testimonials.


Alvidar doesn’t seem legitimate enough to warrant saying many positive things about it. The all-natural ingredients are nice but there isn’t a complete list that we could find. This may be dangerous for those with allergies. Iodine is added to normal table salt so not many people in developed countries are lacking in that department.

The premise thyroid-stimulating premise behind Alvidar might sound intriguing to those that have all the symptoms of an under-active thyroid gland. The problem is, you shouldn’t be diagnosing yourself for something like this. Talk to your doctor if you truly think you have any type of thyroid issues. As far as weight loss supplements go, we’ve found that there are others out there that come with fewer question marks than Alvidar.

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    I am very comfortable by using this product where the details about this product suggested me to purchase this controls thyroid problem.