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Alvita is a Twinlab company that produces teas. Tea bags are packaged with all natural bags that are never bleached and contain no strings, tags or staples. Boxes are made from recycled materials.

The official website offers a long list of teas available through the Alvita company. Some bags are available in bulk while others in smaller packages. Purchasing Alvita teas takes places through third party retailers which are also listed on the website.

Due to the fact that teas are sold through outside retailers, returns policies and guarantees will vary by retailer.

List of Ingredients

Each tea will have a different set of ingredients. Tea flavors include alfalfa, astragalus, peppermint, bilberry, blueberry leaf, black cohosh, burdock root, chinese green tea and chasteberry.

Product Features

Tea has been used for thousands of  years in alternative medicine. Some of the tea flavors available through Alvita are also ingredients used in many weight loss supplements and diet pills. Dandelion tea and uva ursi tea are both diuretics commonly found in diet pills. These will help to push water out of the body, but long term weight loss is not a result.

Green tea, with caffeine, has been proven to increase metabolism and weight loss with regular use. Green tea is one of the few ingredients used in weight loss supplements with substantial research backing its use as a dietary aid.

Not every tea listed on the website offers a complete list of ingredients. This can make choosing the right tea combination for weight loss a bit difficult to the new dieter who wants to integrate tea into their diet.

Prices for Alvita tea bags range from $3.49 US to more than $7.00 US. Shipping and handling will vary by retailer.

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  • Tea can increase fluid intake which can help the dieter feel fuller, longer.
  • Green tea has been proven to increase weight loss.
  • Alvita is available through many online retailers.
  • Information is available about many of the tea varieties.


  • There are no weight loss teas listed on the website.
  • Dieters have to research different herbs before choosing a tea.
  • Tea bags cannot be purchased directly from Alvita.
  • No returns policy or free trials are available from third party retailers selling the Alvita tea bags.


Using Alvita teas can be a good choice to increase hydration. As for weight loss goals, teas are not typically a big weight loss booster. Green tea is a healthy addition to any weight loss diet but will contain caffeine which can cause jitters and sleeplessness is taken late in the evening.

Adding tea to a healthy diet, exercise and fat burner plan can be a great choice. Taking in too much caffeine could be an issue, so choosing herbal teas or caffeine free teas may be the best solution.

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2 User Reviews about Alvita

  • 1
    robert morales

    could you send me your address. I bought the saint john’s wort and it only had 18 bags . I am refering to the caffeine free. I have been buying your products since 2006…


  • 2
    Karen Glasser

    my husband has been buying your teas for many years, specifically your Burdock Root tea bags. We recently bought a box of 24 at Whole Foods and are extremely disappointed with the poor quality of the paper tea bags which fall apart before most reach the hot water. My husband suspects that the bags have faulty sealing. Even more annoying are the ones that fall apart in the hot water – just hate double-sieving so that I can drink the tea.