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Amber Sports is a sporting goods store offering a wide range of athletic and fitness equipment. Much of the equipment featured on the official website is geared toward boxing or mixed martial arts style fitness. All products are available for purchase from the website with shipping and handling costs based on total order cost. Products can also be shipped outside of the United States to Canada, but there is no international shipping denoted.

In addition to boxing and mixed martial arts gear, there is a wide array of track and field, cricket, soccer and carrom pieces. All prices seem to be very comparable to other websites offering the same equipment.

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Various pieces of sport and fitness equipment.

Product Features

Amber Sports is a Texas based company that specializes in sports that are not necessarily mainstream. The major focus of the website is on boxing and MMA, though the collections of track and field gear are vast. Hardware is sold on the website and not accessories like shoes which may need to be ordered from another website for certain sports like shot put and discus throw. Boxing equipment includes pieces for professional, training and fitness style boxing.

Fitness equipment is limited to parachutes used for running training. Other sets include speed ladders, agility rings, resistance harnesses, and plyometric platforms. Most of the products sold on the website are focused on training for a specific sport rather than overall general fitness for weight loss.

There is no mention on the website of weight loss diets, fitness training for weight loss or weight loss supplements. Amber Sports is a supplier of equipment to clubs, high schools and colleges, it seems. The individual looking to purchase fitness equipment from Amber Sports would have to be searching for a specific piece carried by the company.

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  • Prices are comparable to other specialty suppliers.
  • Shipping and handling is affordable.
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee on all unused items.
  • Customer service contact information is easy to find.


  • Amber Sports sells specialized sport and fitness pieces.
  • There are no categories based on weight loss or general fitness.
  • Customer must pay return shipping costs in order to receive a refund if dissatisfied.
  • Not many people will find use for the equipment sold through Amber Sports unless they are part of a sports club or school.


Amber Sports is a fantastic supplier for high school, college and club sports. The equipment is priced very comparably to other retailers offering the same pieces, but the collection is incomplete. Specialized shoes are needed for boxing, soccer, shot put and discus, but these are not offered on the website. Most people trying to lose weight will not find the equipment they are looking for at Amber Sports.

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