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Ameal Bp is a lactotripeptide supplement that helps maintain healthy blood pressure. This product is produced by Calpis and is marketed toward people using weight loss programs. The product claims that common weight loss supplements containing biochemical’s can reduce red blood cells and raise your blood pressure. Therefore, this product can be very beneficial to weight reduction plans if its claims hold true. This formula is meant to be taken on a daily bases and comes in chewable citrus tablets.

List of Ingredients

AmealPeptide: Valyl-Prolyl-Proline (VPP) and Isoleucyl-Prolyl-Proline (IPP).

Product Features

The website for Ameal Bp has a downloadable brochure that is recommended to be printed and taken to your doctor. The booklet begins by describing pre-hypertension, which is when blood pressure rises to an unhealthy level; this can lead to a stroke. The main ingredient in Ameal Bp is called AmealPeptide and consists of two bioactive lactotripeptides that come from milk proteins. The brochure suggests that this ingredient has been proven in clinical studies to lower blood pressure. This claim is backed by a graph comparing Ameal Bp usage with a placebo over a 6 week period. The graph shows a significant drop after 3 weeks of being use but this product is not FDA approved. The brochure and the website include tons of other information including how to evaluate your blood pressure, a checklist to see if you’re at risk, a special diet, frequently asked questions, and medical resources.

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  • Website is very informative and well organized.
  • Certified Kosher.
  • Can be taken if you are lactose intolerant.


  • Must be taken for 30 days to see benefits.
  • Lacks FDA approval.
  • Does not help burn fat.


Ameal Bp could be very beneficial for those who overweight, take weight loss supplements, and experience pre-hypertension. Many weight loss supplements are generally new products and haven’t been tested on humans for long periods of time. Their side effects are unknown and the most common result seen from supplement usage is higher blood pressure. This can lead to many serious health problems which makes products like Ameal Bp worth investigating.

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    I currently take diovan Hct. will it interfere?


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    Articles do not say if the dosage can be decreased over time or eliminated, yet the benefits retained. Can you comment?