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American Body Building specializes in creating and selling drinkable supplements for serious athletes and body builders. They also sell nutritional bars, supplement mixes, and tablets. American Body Building takes part in several fitness expos annually. The company was created in 1985 and is a subsidiary of Optimum Nutrition, Inc. American Body Building conducts third party lab testing on their products but, there are no scientific study results to back up their claims. Their website has a “Breaking News” section but, the news on the section seems to apply to fitness in general and not American Body Building products.

List of Ingredients

There are no ingredients in this product.

Product Features

The supplements created and sold by American Body Building all have different focuses. Some of the products focus on increasing adrenaline, some on speed, a few on hydration, and others on increasing protein intake pre and post workout. Their website features shirts, hats, weight lifting straps, and cups. Their products are available in fitness centers throughout the United States and online. There are no testimonials on the site and no mention of adherence to FDA standards.

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  • American Body Building has a large selection of products available.
  • There are a few diet drinks you can purchase by the case on the official website.


  • American Body Building products designed for bodybuilders.
  • Dieting isn’t the main focus of this site.
  • Some products can be fairly expensive.


Dieters may stumble across American Body Building products while searching the Internet. While they don’t have many products designed specifically for dieters they do offer a few diet drinks. The problem we find with bodybuilding brands diet drinks is that they aren’t really designed for casual dieters. These products are very short term and won’t work for everyone. If you are looking for a comprehensive weight loss product, we recommend finding something that has a powerful thermogenic ingredient to help you burn fat day and night.

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    how to increase body size,which is constent from 4-5 years?