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The American Dietetic Association is group of professionals that are dedicated to researching nutrition and food. The association is separated into registered dietitians, dietetic technicians, researchers, educators, students, clinical, community dietetics professional, consultants and food service managers. ADA strives to be leaders determined to inform the general public on the values of food and nutrition.


There are four main requirements for becoming a Registered Dietitian in the ADA. First, you must have an ADA approved Bachelor’s degree in diet related topics such as food science, nutrition, computer science, biochemistry, physiology, chemistry or microbiology. You must complete an apprentice program accredited by a health care facility or food service organization. You must pass an exam administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. You must also continually complete exams while registered.

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Obesity, food safety and health-care reform are just a few of the topics that concern the ADA. The association’s website features an abundance of information on food and nutrition such as diet reviews, what foods are functional, how to get kids to eat healthy, and what fats and oils are important to a balanced diet. The diets ADA reviewed in 2007 are The Sonoma Diet, The Cheater’s Diet, The Flavor Point Diet, The Supermarket Diet, and the Longevity Diet. If your looking for more specific information on dietetics like, Nutrient Intake and Immune Function of Elderly Subjects, look through the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. This offers a broad range of information on current and past findings related to nutrition.

ADA is also associated with the MyPyramid program put forth by the USDA. This pyramid is meant to replace the original food pyramid created in 1992, that recommended how much of each food group be consumed daily. The new pyramid features tips not only on how much of each food group to eat but what types of food are the healthiest.
ADA’s website also features a store where publications such as cookbooks and meal planning books are sold. If you are an online member, these books are discounted.
ADA is more dedicated to nutrition than any other organization. Their website is a great resource for figuring out which are the right foods to combine with your weight loss program.

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  • Offers a huge supply of nutrition related information.
  • User friendly website that is easy to navigate.
  • All information is backed with scientific research.


  • The information presented by the ADA is common knowledge.
  • Many dieters need help beyond knowledge and information.


The American Dietetic Association offers a huge supply of information on healthy eating, healthy cooking and healthy living. When trying to lose weight, this resource is a great place to start your research on eating well. The ADA, however, does not help with the reduction of hunger and increase in fat burning. A supplement trusted to do just this is a great addition to the information presented by the ADA.

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  • 1
    Lynda Cosgrove

    Please let me know how I can get a copy of credentials-specifically my CDN from the state which obtained after completeing H. Eco. BA from Queens College with a Residency at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, N.Y. My graduation day from Queens was 6/2/87-Home Economics.


  • 2
    Laurie Millar

    I am looking for registered dietitians willing to review my course on “Ayurveda medicine for Dietitians”. It will be published by Nutrition Dimensions soon. Please respond to my e-mail if you are interested. Thank you!


  • 3
    sue erschens

    do you have a sample menu for an 1800 calorie diet?


  • 4
    adam spector

    I’m a diabetic fro about a year and i’m having some trouble getting it under control i need help with a meal plan for the week


  • 5
    Donna Liska

    Do you have any information of a product called Juice Plus? they sel a supplements in capsule form for either fruits or vegetables. Their clinical reviews are done by organizations with which I am unfamiliar. Thank you.


  • 6
    Denise M. Kametz

    Please advise what (if any) is the nutritional value of onions? mushrooms? Thank you! Denise


  • 7
    haydee m. vivar

    im a (B.S.)nutritionist dietitian from philippines, graduated 1992, but here in the US im licenced practical nurse, my ? i want to be dietician here in the US. What should i do? what are the requirements? tnx!