American Health Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets Review

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American Health Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets are more than just apple cider. The supplement description on is extremely short, but there is a complete ingredient list. According to the description, the supplement will help the dieter lose weight and help them reach the body they always loved. This is a huge claim, but one many diet supplements make to sell more products. Apple cider vinegar, as a standalone supplement, will not have this effect on the dieter, but there are more ingredients in American Health Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets.

List of Ingredients

Apple Cider Vinegar, Chromium, Apple Pectin, Vitamin B6 and Gymnema Sylvestre.

Product Features

The ingredient list is quite interesting, as all of the ingredients are proven to have some effect in the body that is beneficial for weight loss, aside from the apple cider vinegar. Chromium helps control blood glucose levels and thus appetite. Apple pectin is a source of natural fiber. Fiber slows digestion and keeps hunger at bay between meals. Vitamin B6 is a natural source of energy, though the effect is short-lived in the body. Gymnema sylvestre helps control blood glucose, increasing the effect of chromium.

Will this supplement truly help the dieter achieve weight loss goals? The answer is yes and no. If the dieter adopts a healthy lifestyle with weight loss in mind complete with a low calorie diet and exercise program, chances are they will lose weight, even if they do not choose to take this supplement. However, the ingredients in American Health Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets are generally considered safe and beneficial. The dieter can expect to pay about $5 per bottle for the supplement.

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  • All ingredients are listed on where the product is sold.
  • Chromium may help fend off hunger.
  • Gymnema sylvestre helps control blood glucose levels.
  • Apple pectin is a great source of fiber.


  • The apple cider vinegar is not a proven weight loss ingredient.
  • There is very little information on the supplement.
  • The product is cheap, but it may contain less of the active ingredients than needed for efficacy.


There is difference between a weight loss supplement and a health boosting supplement. American Health Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets offer a healthy source of fiber and two blood glucose controlling ingredients. These ingredients will support healthy weight loss, but only if the dieter is dedicated to a weight loss program with diet and exercise.

Optimally, this supplement would include a stimulant like caffeine and green tea. These are two proven weight loss ingredients that cost very little but provide quite the impact on weight loss. Dieters can choose to take this supplement and add caffeine and green tea, but there are supplements with all proven ingredients for weight loss.

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