American Premium Nutrition Trimex Review

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What You Should Know

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Trimex by American Premium Nutrition is a fat burning weight loss supplement that claims to help dieters lose more weight. The product is created by a company known for bodybuilding supplements, but the ingredients are not specific to bodybuilders. No online orders are taken at this time so dieters will have to look elsewhere to buy the product. We did find a complete list of ingredients.

List of Ingredients

Super Citrimax, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger Root and Advantra Z.

Product Features

There are no new or exciting ingredients in Trimex by American Premium Nutrition. The four ingredients used in the formula are commonly found in many weight loss supplements.

Super Citrimax is also known as garcinia cambogia. Not too long ago, the Hydroxycut company pulled all products containing garcinia cambogia from the market and reformulated them all to contain green coffee bean extract. There were claims that the products caused liver damage. Researchers have not proven a connection between garcinia cambogia or Super Citrimax and liver damage, but Hydroxycut pulled those products for some reason. We do not like not knowing what caused the liver damage and if there is any chance of connection between Super Citrimax and health risks, we suggest dieters choose a different product.

Cayenne pepper is typically included in weight loss supplements to increase absorption of other ingredients. Hot peppers have shown promise as natural fat burners, but some dieters claim supplements with cayenne pepper cause burning in the stomach and diarrhea.

Ginger root aids in digestion and helps prevent upset stomach. We like this ingredient as it is all-natural and safe, but it will not increase weight loss.

Advantra Z is a stimulant source of synephrine. Weight loss manufacturers often include Advantra Z is the primary stimulant to boost fat loss. Unfortunately, synephrine is not a safe alternative to Ephedra as some companies would like the dieter to believe. It still increases heart rate and blood pressure, much the same way Ephedra did. The FDA continues to look into synephrine.

As a whole, American Premium Nutrition left out a few key, proven ingredients. Without online ordering, the product price is unavailable to dieters wishing to try the supplement.

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  • Ingredients listed online.
  • Ginger root may ease stomach discomfort.


  • No proven fat burning ingredients like caffeine or green tea.
  • No appetite suppressant.


Even if American Premium Nutrition Trimex increased metabolism, the supplement does not contain an appetite suppressant to counteract the increased metabolism. This is a huge oversight. The dieter does not want to increase fat burn only to feel as though they are starving all the time. The Super Citrimax could be linked to health risks so we are red flagging this supplement.

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