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American Weight Loss Centers are a group of clinics run by doctors that aim to improve weight loss success in their clients. According to the official website, the medical director Dr. Kim was once overweight. Thanks to healthy eating and exercise, he managed to lose 45 pounds over a year and a half. After 15 years, he maintains a healthy weight with ease. The front page of the website offers a bit of information about the American Weight Loss Centers program in that some dieters may be prescribed medication to aid their weight loss efforts. Prescription weight loss medication can come with a long list of potential side effects.

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Physical and consultant guided weight loss with meal plans, fitness plans and possible prescription medication.

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American Weight Loss Centers is a complete solution for someone who has tried to lose weight on their own, but never quite managed to be successful. The plan is doctor based and run which means there is a heavy emphasis on weight related health issues and losing weight to improve overall health. From the main page, there is a link to testimonials, weight loss Q&A, information about Dr. Kim and a link for appetite suppressants.

The appetite suppressions link does not lead to a page describing the medications used at the American Weight Loss Centers clinic. The visitor is redirected to the Q&A page. Taking a look through the Q&As listed and none of the questions address the use of prescription medication. The main page lists Phentermine as one of the medications used to aid weight loss. According to health data, Phentermine is prescribed as Adipex-P, Ionamin, Obenix, Oby-Cap, Teramine and Zantryl. The potential side effects include nervousness, shortness of breath, headache, insomnia, diarrhea, constipation and itching. There is also a long list of medications and health related issues that could contradict the use of Phentermine.

There are six American Weight Loss Centers and all are located in California. This limits the number of people who could take advantage of the program for weight loss.

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  • Structured weight loss programs may improve weight loss success.
  • American Weight Loss Centers are doctor run which is a good choice for people needing to lose weight for health reasons.


  • Using prescription weight loss medications can be risky.
  • All centers are located in California.
  • Programs like these can be high priced.


For a resident of California, American Weight Loss Centers may provide the support needed to lose weight. However, this limits the number of people who can partake in the program to those living near one of the six American Weight Loss Center locations. Weight loss aided by prescription medications can be risky and may not last after medications are ceased.

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    Who runs the clinic? Is it Dr. Kim for each one or another physician?