AmeriSciences AS10 Super Fruit Review

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AmeriSciences AS10 Super Fruits claims to be a combination of antioxidants and super fruits aimed at improving health and well-being. According to the official website, AmeriSciences AS10 Super Fruits is a combination effort between the manufacturer of the supplement and NASA. While 5 of the main ingredients are shared openly, the remaining 5 ingredients are left off the list. A detailed search of the Internet did not reveal the final 5 ingredients which could leave the consumer wondering why a super fruit and vegetable supplement needs to be kept such a secret.

When the consumer clicks on the link to order AS10 a supplement facts link appears. This link reveals the detailed ingredients in AS10, but unless the consumer chooses to buy the product, they will never know the complete list of ingredients.

List of Ingredients

Tropical Superfruit Blend: cupuacu, prickly pear, acai complex, acerola complex and bayberry.

Wild Berry Extracts: blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, prune, cherry and strawberry.

Vegetable Extracts: broccoli, tomato, carrot, spinach and kale.

Other Ingredients: green tea leaf, pomegranate concentrate and grape extract.

Product Features

AmeriSciences AS10 Super Fruits claims to provide antioxidant support researched by NASA. The elimination of 5 main ingredients from the main website could work for or against the company. Some consumers may believe the company chose to keep those ingredients a secret to stop other companies from profiting off their NASA involved studies. This could mean the ingredients are very commonplace and found in the home. Other consumers may feel the company is not being completely honest with dieters looking to improve weight loss or overall body health and that would mean a reduction in sales.

One thing is for certain, there are no links on the official website or any affiliate websites to information about any super fruit study published by NASA. If NASA were involved with the research, why would new healthy information be kept from the consumer?

AS10 is offered through the official AmeriSciences AS10 Super Fruits website for $140 US. This price includes four bottles of 750 ml which is the same size as most average wine bottles. The bottle even looks a bit like a wine bottle. AS10 is not sold by the individual bottle nor are any free trials offered by AmeriSciences.

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  • AmeriSciences AS10 Super Fruits may improve overall health by increasing fruit and vegetable consumption.
  • Antioxidants have been proven to better health.
  • The product can be ordered from the AmeriSciences website.


  • The price of AmeriSciences AS10 Super Fruits is much more than most consumers would be willing to pay.
  • Finding a complete list of ingredients is difficult.
  • There are no physical links between super fruits and weight loss.


AmeriSciences AS10 Super Fruits may be a healthy drink to add to an average diet, but weight loss will most likely not be a side effect or benefit. The cost of the product could be overwhelming for some consumers. Weighing out the price difference, some consumers may benefit from buying a juicer and including all the listed ingredients.

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    Carrie- Natural Gumption RDH

    As10 drink is not a juice, it is the pulp as well, so unfortunatly juicing will not yield the same effects. Cupuacu is one of the main ingredients and is still very difficult to get in the US. The product helps to reverse the oxidative stresses we get with daily life, there is a drink and a multivitamin tablet that offer many of the hard to find phytonutrients, macronutrients and micronutrients. The absorption rate is also very high on these products. When you take them you feel better, and notice a huge difference in a short amount of time. Natural Gumption would be happy to send out all of the relevant documentation you want!!


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    nesecito saber donde puedo comprar este producto vivo aca en san diego c.a