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What You Should Know

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AmeriSciences Carb Right does not claim to block carbohydrates, but it does claim to support healthy carbohydrate metabolism. We are unsure what this statements means in terms of weight loss, but the ingredient list tells us the supplement attempts to block carbohydrates. There is appetite suppressing ingredients, as well as, ingredients to support healthy blood glucose levels. The only thing missing from AmeriSciences Carb Right is a stimulant to boost metabolism, like green tea.

List of Ingredients

Calcium, Chromium.

Proprietary Blend: Phaseolus Vulgaris Extract, Gymnema Sylvestre Extract, Banaba Extract and ChromeMate.

Product Features

AmeriSciences Carb Right may be one of the most effective appetite suppressants on the market, but it is marketed as a carbohydrate supplement, not an appetite suppressant. The phaseolus vulgaris extract is another name for white kidney bean extract. White kidney beans are proven to stop carbohydrates form breaking into tiny pieces during digestion. Larger carbohydrate molecules digest and convert to energy faster, so they have less impact on blood glucose levels and hunger.

The remaining ingredients in AmeriSciences Carb Right are commonly used to control blood glucose levels. Chromium and Chromate are the two most important ingredients. Chromium may help blood glucose maintain healthy levels. This is ideal for the dieter who wants to naturally control hunger. When glucose levels drop below normal, a signal goes to the stomach from the brain to say the body needs quick fuel to raise glucose levels. That quick fuel is simple carbohydrates. This is the cause of many cravings.

One tablet of AmeriSciences Carb Right should be taken before each meal. The tablets will likely work best if the dieter adopts a healthy eating and exercise plan. There is nothing wrong with stacking supplements like this one with a proven fat burner like caffeine or green tea. The best case scenario would be a combination of green tea, caffeine and this supplement.

There is no pricing information available for AmeriSciences Carb Right.

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  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • The supplement may help control blood glucose levels.
  • White kidney bean is proven to stop carbohydrates from breaking down into tiny pieces.


  • No proven thermogenic ingredients.
  • May negatively affect blood glucose levels in patients taking diabetic medications.
  • No pricing information.
  • May not be available for sale from AmeriSciences.


Sometimes a supplement that looks like one thing is another. AmeriSciences Carb Right is a carbohydrate blocking supplement with strong appetite suppressing ingredients. We love the fact that this supplement contains two forms of chromium and other blood glucose controlling ingredients. If the dieter were to take this supplement with a proven fat burner, they could see positive effects, but there are combination supplements available with these same ingredients and proven thermogenics.

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