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One company that focuses on oral science, nutrition and skincare is AmeriSciences. The president and CEO of this company is Barry Cocheu. The store aspect of their official website currently offers seven different branches, which are Weight Loss, Women’s Health, Beauty, Oral Science, Men’s Health, Preventative Nutrition, as well as Sports and Fitness. It appears that all of these AmeriSciences products are sold through the official website, however, it’s not mentioned whether or not this line of products are sold with a money-back or satisfaction guarantee.

To narrow our focus of AmeriSciences products, we’ll take a look at the Weight Loss category. There is some information provided on the website about the current obesity rate in America. It goes on to discuss the number of Americans with weight problems and potential solutions for them. Furthermore, the site touts AmeriSciences Weight Loss supplements as the “perfect solution” for weight management. Similar to many other weight loss products, these supplements aim to curb the user’s appetite, assist with calorie burning, boost the user’s metabolism, and improve overall health. These products endeavor to provide users with additional energy and the “nutrients they need.” There are basically six different AmeriSciences Weight Loss supplements offered, which are called Energy ($69), Slim ($75), Carb Right ($55), Slim Right (cappuccino shake), Slim Right (chocolate shake), and Slim Right (vanilla shake).


The complete list of ingredients is not offered on the official website.

Product Features

The AmeriSciences brand is a line of skincare, oral science and nutrition products geared toward women and men. Their Weight Loss supplements endeavor to help people with appetite suppression, increased metabolism, improved health, and calorie burning. The key active components such as Green Tea, Hydroxycitric Acid, Whey Protein, Soy Protein, Ginseng, Guarana, and Eleuthero are revealed on the official website. There are no customer testimonials or success stories posted with AmeriSciences Weight Loss products, nor do there appear to be any free trial samples offered at this time. These diet products are not recommended for children under the age of 18, and anyone with a health affliction is directed to see a physician prior to taking AmeriSciences Weight Loss supplements.

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  • AmeriSciences offers a variety of health care products and they’re all sold conveniently through the website.
  • The key active ingredients incorporated into the AmeriSciences Weight Loss line are revealed on the website.


  • There are no testimonials or customer reviews offered for AmeriSciences supplements.
  • In regards to clinical trials, nothing seems to be addressed on the website.
  • Full lists of ingredients for each product are not provided on the website.
  • A solid refund or money-back guarantee is not mentioned with AmeriSciences.


Overall, the AmeriSciences Weight Loss line comes across like many other brands currently available. These dietary supplements aim to suppress appetite, burn away calories, boost metabolic rates, increase energy levels and aid with overall health. Unfortunately, there are no free trial samples offered at this time, and no clinical trials are presented on the website. Dieters may find that AmeriSciences products are too expensive in comparison to many other supplements, which may cause them to look elsewhere.

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4 User Reviews about AmeriSciences

  • 1
    R. E. Rathbun

    I want to buy OS2-The Ocular Support System. Please advise.


  • 2

    what is the average weight that you can lose by taking the slim


  • 3

    I have several bottles of your product that I have never opened. The expiration date is 2/2009. Are these still safe to take. They are Slim, Carb Right and Cardio Plus. Please advise. Thank you.


    Spine & Sport Therapy

    Yes. Every AmeriSciences product has a 2 year shelf life beyond it’s “best by” date. It is not an expiration of the product. You are loosing a small degree of effectiveness, however, you will still see safe results. hope this helped.