AmeriSmooth Review

Editor's Review: 2.6 / 5.0

AmeriSmooth Review

AmeriSmooth is a cellulite reducing treatment marketed by American Laser Centers. According to the information found online, AmeriSmooth and VelaShape are both offered by the centers, but the official website only offers information on VelaShape. AmeriSmooth does not offer an official website explaining the process of cellulite reduction so the consumer is left searching the Internet for reliable product information.

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AmeriSmooth cellulite reducing machine.

Product Features

Literature found online through a news website explains the process of AmeriSmooth in detail. The process includes rollers, suction, radio waves and infrared to reduce the look of cellulite. Just like many other cellulite reducing skin therapies, this process will not remove cellulite from the body. Rather, the cellulite may appear smoothed after the treatment for a short period of time. Unfortunately, there is no information listed about how long the therapy or smoothing effect lasts on the skin.

Information found online with links to the American Laser Centers AmeriSmooth details all reroute to VelaShape. This leads us to believe that the name AmeriSmooth has been replaced with VelaShape. If that is the case, it can take up to 10 weeks of treatment for the cellulite to "disappear". This could mean a costly experience that will not last forever and results in no permanent fat loss.

There is a link on the American Laser Centers website for a no-obligation consultation. There is also a phone number consumers can call to find out how much each treatment costs. When we called, the consultant said prices are dependent on the size of the area needing treatment and the look of the skin. All prices are offered during free consultations but not over the phone.

Testimonials online talk about pricing discrepancies between customers. With pricing only being given out in person there could be an element of up selling pushed onto the consumer. There is no information on the website pertaining to real weight loss or reduction of calories to burn off cellulite.

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  • Information about AmeriSmooth or VelaShape can be found online.
  • There is contact information provided for the American Laser Centers.


  • Cellulite reduction can be very costly.
  • No prices for AmeriSmooth are offered online or over the phone.
  • Prices will differ based on the size of the area needing treatment.
  • Multiple treatments may be needed.
  • No permanent fat loss will result.
  • American Laser Centers do not promote healthy weight loss efforts.


Cellulite reduction therapy like AmeriSmooth is not going to aid weight loss. The skin may appear smoother after several treatments, but that effect will fade and cellulite ripples and bumps will return. Additional therapies may be needed to keep skin smooth which means even more out of pocket cost.

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