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What You Should Know

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AmerMed is a manufacturer of a wide variety of supplements. They offer an extensive product line of products for weight loss, sugar control, joint care, sleep aids, and more. One can search specifically or by categories on AmerMed’s website. The company claims to offer discounts up to 80%. Some products sell for as little as $7.95. The product list continues to grow as more products like Ginger Root, Barley Grass Juice Powder, Royal Jelly, Atlantic Sea Kelp, and Cocoa Extract are coming soon.

It’s a whole product range.

Product Features

AmerMed features around 150 different products at affordable prices. Some of the products AmerMed distributes include: Acai (Palm Berry) 333mg 120 capsules, Carbobind 730mg 120 capsules, and Hoodia & Nopal with Banaba 120 capsules. Other products include vitamins and mineral supplements. While you will probably be able to find what you are looking for you may be overwhelmed by the product list. A printable version of the product list is available on the website.

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  • Offers a variety of products at low prices and wholesale prices.
  • Volume discount prices.


  • With the number of products available you may not get enough information about specific products available on the site.
  • Too many products to sort through.
  • No FAQ’s section but this section is coming soon.
  • Very little information about the company presented on the website.


It is suggested to find out more information about the supplement you want to purchase from AmerMed before you go to make the purchase. The prices are great but if you are looking for a supplement for the first time with little or no information you probably need to go somewhere else first.

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11 User Reviews about AmerMed

  • 1

    I have phoned, tried email and no answer.
    I have ordered for years, and the Coral Calcium product is very good. The service is terrible. Finally after 30 days my order arrived. Good products, poor service, no communication from the company. Confusing…..


  • 2

    Does any body kow where they are located.



    Oklahoma. They never seem to pick up the phone! I want to order


  • 3

    I placed an order online and did not receive it. Attempted emailing with no response. Attempted calling by phone and never could get anyone to answer or even an answering machine. Reported to my card company for dispute.


  • 4

    This is my 3rd order with AmerMed. My first 2, I received very quickly. I am still waiting on this order, which was placed over a month ago. My credit card was charged at that time. I have repeatedly called their contact number and no one answers; there is also no answering machine. I’ve emailed them several times with no response. I finally had to contact my credit card company and turn it over to them.


  • 5
    Dave McFarland

    Is SugarLow intended to raise sugar levels or to lower sugar levels?



    It is probably to lower it. Diabetes and pre-diabetes are diseases from high blood sugar. I have not read about the product per say, but this is the most logical.
    Table Sugar is very effective at raising blood sugar as are many other things. If this product cost more than sugar it is probably not to raise blood sugar.


  • 6
    Dave McFarland

    I have SugarLow. Is it intended to lower sugar levels?


  • 7
    Kelly Lee

    I’ve placed an order with Amermed online on 1 Jan 2010.However. as at today (10 Jan 2010) I still not getting my goods. I’ve checked my creditcard statement, and payment shown successful. As my is an international order, the delivery is to South Asia, is it reasonable to be waited for more than 10 days?



    I’ve ordered from them before and always got my product in a timely manner. Remember that you still only had 5 shipping days in that time. I just came to see if there had been any product complaints. The prices seem too good to be true. But the products seem to work for me I take the Multi-Vitamins and thinking about some Coral Cal. But i can’t find any bad feed back.


    Brian Trower

    I placed an order with Amermed almost 2 months ago. My credit card was charged but I have never received mu order. I am now contacted my credit card company.