Amino Acid And Botanicals Review

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Amino Acid & Botanicals Review

Amino acids and botanicals are very important for those who are looking to live a healthy life. The amino acids and botanicals are well known for supporting a variety of skin and body functions, helping one to live a more fulfilling life longer. These products often come in pill form, although there are some that are in liquid form. They are naturally produced either in the human body or in plant life.

List of Ingredients

Every product in their list of products has a different ingredient listing. These ingredients are typically all taken from natural sources, although some have been reproduced to save costs and ensure purity. All ingredients are known to be pure and all items have passed vigorous studies and tests to ensure purity and functional value.

Product Features

The company Amino Acid & Botanicals offers a website with information and purchasing ability of different amino acids, botanicals, and supplements that the visitor may be interested in to maintain a healthy life. This business, located in Oregon and New Jersey, has been in operation for 44 years. Amino Acid & Botanicals strives to stay on top of the most recent studies and laws regarding supplements. Their goal is for everyone to enjoy a life blessed with good health that comes from taking amino acids, botanicals, and supplements. This is done by offering free technical advice regarding supplements and regular sales of the different products.

There are a huge number of supplements and herbs listed on Amino Acid & Botanicals. Some of these herbs are often included in weight loss formulas, but there are commonly combined together with other herbs to make a complete supplement aimed at increasing metabolism and decreasing weight. Amino Acid & Botanicals does not offer these combination supplements which could make finding the right ingredients in the right amounts difficult. Prices range widely from just a couple of dollars to more than $80 US for one supplement or herb.

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  • There is an official website with ordering and shipping.
  • Many supplements and herbs are offered for the consumer.
  • Free shipping on orders more than $40 US.


  • No combination herbs or supplements are offered.
  • The website is difficult to navigate.
  • Prices vary widely and many are more expensive than other comparable products online and offline.


There is no reason why a dieter could not use some of the supplements to increase weight loss. The trouble is having the knowledge needed to purchase the right herbs or supplements and taking them in the right amounts. Fat burners are created by companies who spend year studying ingredients. The dieter may find it very difficult and costly to combine ingredients on their own for weight loss and increased metabolism. Taking herbs in the wrong amounts can lead to health issues.

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