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What You Should Know

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Aminogen is a chemical compound found in many different supplements, produced by multiple manufacturers. It is a patented enzyme combination which works with amino acids in the body to enhance their absorption and aid the process of digestion. The claims are “you are not what you eat, you are what you absorb.” Because several different companies manufacture Animogen, there are several different formulas and prices in order to suit the needs of consumers. Many different products are available in various forms, depending on the supplier chosen. Prices will vary accordingly.

As digestion occurs, protein is digested and broken down into 22 amino acids. Out of these 22 amino acids, the body can make all but 8 of them. This means everyone should focus on getting the correct amounts of protein in their diets, and do what they can to ensure it is properly absorbed into the system.


No specific ingredients are listed though the ingredients are all natural and have no known side effects other than less gas.

Product Features

Instead of having to purchase amino acids, taking this product helps to ensure the absorption of more protein and amino acids from the foods already eaten. It works best when combined with a high protein diet, so it should not be used with normal diets and is more suited for a body builder or an athlete. However, if any medical conditions require additional protein or close attention to protein intake, these people may benefit from taking Aminogen, too. As proteins may cause gas and constipation, using Aminogen may actually reduce the likelihood of this ailment.

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  • Backed by clinical studies
  • Boosts Nitrogen Retention levels by up to 32%


  • No specific ingredient list may cause many people to mistrust the project.
  • May be an expensive venture for some.
  • So many companies make Aminogen products; it could be an overwhelming choice to make.


It seems a good investment for those who need more protein, but for those seeking a weight loss product; it is not something worth looking into. It is non-toxic, though as with anything else, it should be used only as directed. Clinical studies show more amino acids are taken from the food and supplements taken throughout the course of the day when used with Aminogen than without, and will eliminate the need for free form amino acid supplementation. When shopping for Aminogen products, comparison shop for a product you feel you will be able to get the most from for your money. As with any supplement or addition to your diet, you should first speak to a doctor. As certain formulas contain no animal by products, this is a good product for vegetarians.

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  • 1

    I’m on birth control. Should I be ok to take this Aminogen and not worry about it decreasing the effects of my birth control?


  • 2

    I started a diet plan from herbalife replacing meals with shakes and protein. With the diet plan comes a lot of different vitamins and supplements as well as aminogen. In this article however it says not to use aminogen if your trying to lose weight… so should I stop taking it? And if I need to continue taking it should it be taken before or after my protein shake? Thanks



    Not that u shouldn’t take it if ur losing weight. It meant it is more for proper digestion as u eat protein.


  • 3
    jason yates

    i am on vyvanse for taking aminogen with vyvanse is it going to have any type of affect.


  • 4

    I star to take aminogen by herbalife but since I started I have headaches does some one had this sympton? what shoul I do…..



    i have been havig headaches too and i take aminogen from herbalife , i used to wonder why i had headches and now i see it is that product, it does work but gives me headches



    Aminogen does NOT cause headaches; you aren’t consuming enough water and that’s why the headaches. Every person should be consuming about half their body weight in ounces each day to stay healthy – that will also eliminate the headaches.


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