Amplified Muscle Ignitor Review

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What You Should Know

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We understand that bodybuilders want to rule the world and the gym, but there are supplements out there that are too strong for any human and Amplified Muscle Ignitor is one of those supplements. The ingredient list is broken into three categories – Performance Blend, Sports Antioxidant Blend and Calorie Burn Blend. We found caffeine and stimulants in all three. The total caffeine amount listed on the label is 400 mg, twice the average strong fat burner and three to four times the caffeine level in proven weight loss supplements. If the average dieter were to take 400 mg of caffeine in one sitting, the negative side effects could force them into the hospital. Nausea would be overpowering and the jitters, uncontrollable. The side effects of caffeine last up to 12 hours.

List of Ingredients

Performance Blend: Ginger Root Extract, Schisandra Fruit, Grape Seed Extract, Yerba Mate Leaf Extract,Guarana Seed Extract, Black Tea Leaf Extract and Dillweed Extract.

Sports Antioxidant Blend: Lutein, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Lycopene, Green Tea Leaf Extract and Citrus

Bioflavonoid Complex (Acerola fruit Extract).

Calorie Burn Blend: L-Carnitine, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous,

Capsimax Capsicum Fruit Extract.

Product Features

The Performance Blend includes three sources of caffeine. Together, these three sources pack 200 mg of the proven fat burner. While we love caffeine, we are not sure dieters need 200 mg to fight fat, but Amplified Muscle Ignitor doesn’t stop there.

The Calorie Burn Blend provides even more caffeine – 200 mg. There is no caffeine listed next to the green tea, but unless GNC uses decaffeinated green tea, there is even more hidden caffeine in this supplement.

Aside from the caffeine, the supplement offers little support for weight loss or fat burn. It certainly does not ignite muscles. The antioxidant blend is strong, but the dieter will be too strung out on caffeine to continue taking the supplement long enough for any antioxidant benefit.

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  • GNC lists all ingredients for Amplified Muscle Ignitor on the official website.
  • Contains caffeine and green tea, proven fat burners.
  • Available for sale online.


  • Contains more caffeine than any dieter needs to lose weight.
  • Will likely cause negative side effects like jitters and shakes.


We are not a fan of the Amplified series from GNC, but this supplement takes the cake. With more than 400 mg of caffeine per serving, we are not sure what kind of bodybuilder is taking this supplement, but they are likely not sensitive to stimulants. The most common complaints about the supplement are pill size, diarrhea and crash after taking the supplement. Most users claim the product does not increase heart rate, but 400 mg will increase both heart rate and blood pressure.

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