Amway Trim Body System Kit Review

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What You Should Know

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Amway is a leader in a variety of fields. They are the creators of Nutrilite, Artistry, Satinique and many others. This company offers their products to business owners to sell and to private individuals who are looking to start a business. This company also allows for direct to customer purchasing off of their website. This company is known for their high levels of research in their products and their continuing efforts in providing the best products on the market.

List of Ingredients

Amway Trim Body System Kit with supplements.

Product Features

The Amway Trim Body System Kit has several products in the kit. This product has 48 meal and snack bars of a variety of flavors included in it. These bars are one hundred calories per bar and are great for snacks between meals. The kit provides a grocery list designed to assist in the learning process in buying healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy foods. There are supplements provided in the kit as well, these include the Nutrilite Slimmetry, Glucose Health, Carb Blocker 2 and Invisifiber. There is also an informative DVD included that provides health information and exercise information to keep one motivated and moving. The journal that is included provides a variety of questions and encouragements to help see the results.

The Amway Trim Body System Kit is a kit of recipes and snacks that are designed to ensure that one loses the weight and keeps it off. They provide easy to follow grocery lists, exercise plans, and snacks to leave nothing to chance. This kit is designed to make it easy to follow and allow for the best chance of success that one can have. A trim journal is also included so that one can better follow the results and see the progress as they go. This journal has various questions and ideas in it to help ensure that the proper information is written down and easily accessible when one needs verification that they are on the right track.

The Amway Trim Body System Kit retails for just under $230 US on the official website. There is a return policy allowing users to return products as well as a guarantee that ensures all dieters and supplement users will be happy with their purchase.

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  • Can easily be used for a short period of time as a learning kit and then the supplements can be purchased separately.
  • Based on real medical and nutritional information making it more likely to be effective.
  • Easy to see results with the easy to use journal.
  • Using a combination of exercise and diet changes can assist in seeing long term results.
  • By focusing on slower, long term results, the product can help avoid medical concerns of one losing too much weight too fast.
  • Easily customizable.


  • The supplements and kit are rather expensive.
  • Stresses weight loss over time which can be discouraging to some individuals.


This safe to use and effective method of losing weight may not be what everyone wants, but may simply be the most effective method of losing weight for a lot of people. The stressing of slow and gradual weight loss shows an informed company who is focused on their customers as well as their bottom line.

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3 User Reviews about Amway Trim Body System Kit

  • 1
    Jo Downs

    Surely controlled weight loss is better than crash diets? The body would most likely be subject to shocks from crash dieting that may also stuff up ones metabolism? Also, relying on things that enhance weight loss does not teach one anything at all about a healthy lifestyle. It is like asking a smoker to quit and still giving offering him a ciggie.

    As for prices, quality is never cheap, and the meal plans from certain commercial weight loss companies are not that cheap. While the delivered meals are very convenient, who wants to rely on them to make all your meals? Very, very, very few of us do not have time to cook & make simple meals. Those that have simply no time to cook are probably rich enough to have their own cook.


  • 2

    I’m a ibo in amway and I used the trim body system kit it’s great. I lost 16 pounds in 21 days. In total I have lost 25 pounds in a month and half and still going. It’s worth every penny you spend.


  • 3

    I am an amway ibo, and to tell you the truth it make be expensive for some of the items, but you can always talk to your personal ibo about specials from time to time!