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What You Should Know

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AmyTrim is a weight loss supplement that works with the body to regulate cholesterol levels and energy levels to boost weight loss. Information on AmyTrim is slim at best, even on the Internet. The manufacturer is Quantum International Pvt. Ltd. There is no official website for the product and no product offered through third party retailers online at the time of the review. Taking a looking into the AmyTrim trail leaves us a bit confused.

List of Ingredients

Complete list of ingredients is unknown.

Product Features

Only one image could be found for the AmyTrim supplement though several forum posting have been written as late as October of 2009 asking for information after receiving a special discount coupon for the product. It seems that AmyTrim aims to reduce fat from the folds under the skin. Pain reduction is also a claim of the supplement. Words like Hyper-cholestremia are just a fancy way to say high cholesterol.

If the supplement is a natural alternative for prescription cholesterol medication it could include green tea leaf and psyllium. These ingredients are commonly used in weight loss products, but without any idea of what ingredients are used in the AmyTrim product, this is just an assumption.

What was found was the address for the AmyTrim Company. As mentioned before, the product is manufactured by Quantum International which is an India based company. The address is listed in Michigan. After a lengthy search, the address was linked back to XPert Fulfillment, Inc. in Michigan. This is a fulfillment company that takes orders in the United States and sends them all over the world. Quantum is not listed as one of the partners at this time.

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  • Could help to reduce cholesterol levels.


  • No official website could be found.
  • No ingredient list is offered online.
  • Contact information for the company is a fulfillment warehouse.
  • Customer service numbers are not available online.
  • The product seems to no longer be available for sale.
  • Consumers continue to receive mail offers for the product.


AmyTrim is a product that consumers should stay away from. With no ingredient list, the product could contain anything at all. The small amount of literature found online focuses more on cholesterol than weight loss. Also mentioned is the reduction of subcutaneous fat. There are no supplements available today that can reduce fat from just the subcutaneous layers.

In order to lose weight, supplements and fat burners can be used effectively. Information for these products needs to be readily available online for the consumer to read and learn about the product before ordering. Online ordering and returns are also a huge benefit. AmyTrim does not offer any of these positive aspects to the consumer.

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19 User Reviews about AmyTrim

  • 1
    brenda reinking

    i have returned the bottle and have not recived the refund.i did not work for me it put weight on instead take it off.please send the money back like you said.thanks been waiting for a sure take it fAST BUT NOT SEND IT BACK LIKE YOU TAKE IT BRENDA


  • 2
    Lila M Kaleel

    Just received a letter for this product. Was ready to call the phone # and order within 5 days , in order to get the discounted price. My address is from an Amy Robinson in Frankfort, Mi.
    My letter talked about a family who had lost over 400 lbs. Together! Oh and my letter tells about the ingredients that are in AmyTrim and how they help you lose the weight. It does not sound like a scam but who knows after reading some of these stories!


  • 3

    I also received information for a weight loss product. I bought it. When I received it. It was not the product advertised. I got 3 months supply of Amytrim.


  • 4
    gina goffeney

    I just got mine on 11-22-2012 and I have tried it not bad on the back of the bottle it says whats in it.


  • 5
    ed petersmarck

    I want to return product for refund. Please provide instructions.


  • 6

    I got the letter today and could tell by the terrible English that it had to come from somewhere other than an English speaking country-red flag!


  • 7

    Received the same letter in the mail. Very interesting and also a scam. Who would buy something that does not show what is in it for ingredients and can not find anything on the internet for it either. People, look for info before you buy.


  • 8

    Thanks, thanks, another scam. Scammers, we are checking the net before ordering, so stop sending your letters. Let us all get in the practice of checking everything before ordering and the scammers will finally stop, we hope


  • 9
    tina fitzsimmons

    the number you call to return the product does not work. I am having trouble returning product.


  • 10

    I received a letter on Amytrim also. This is just a way of making money just as the other weight loss products that you receive in the mail. Most of them do not work. Check the internet first before ordering. This is just a money making scam.


  • 11
    patricia conti

    ordered 3mths supply a month ago not recieved any as yet i am one worried cuctomer



    WOW so u have’nt reacived anything yet ! i just got the letter today and was looking at it and was very interested even though i know it sounded to good to be true…but decided to take a look at all the reviews before i order thanks….


  • 12

    i emailed amytrim as i ordered 3 months and received confirmation of 1 month so they cancelled my order allowing me to add to the order. phoned the number given on another sight looking for proof. my reply was that my purchase would be guarenteed. i haven’t reordered after reading up on this product. my recommendation was via Dr Bruce.I await to see if my order of 1 month will be debitied from my account.Shame i’d love this to work but i just dont know.


  • 13
    W J Hewitt

    Having Dr Bruce Cain’s newsletter, I thought to give it a try (although it sounded too good to be true); how glad I am that I researched it a little further. Definitely not for me!
    Bill Hewitt.


  • 14
    Val Allaway

    I have just received a half price offer for Amytrim but thought it seemed too good to be true so I googled it, so glad I did Thank you very much all of you who have commented before to put me straight!!


  • 15

    untill today (17 July 2010) all my emails to Amytrim remain unanswered and Dr.(???????)Bruce the so called People´s Doctor has now permanently removed my email address from his ´newsletter´: STAY WELL AWAY FROM THIS SO CALLED “DOCTOR” Bruce : i.e. SCAM !!!!!


  • 16
    jayne kirk

    i am usingamytrim at the moment been taking them for 2 weeks, no weight loss very dissapointed.
    was told i would lose 1 stone in four weeks two weeks to go and nothing.


  • 17

    same happened to me – 2 weeks ago. NO reply from Amytrim to my many emails and NO reply from (Dr.Bruce)Cain who recommended it in his “The People´s Doctor” Newsletter.
    Scam ????? All very customer friendly!!!


  • 18
    Joyce Stevens

    i seem to have ordered two packs of amytrim instead of one.Pleasecancel the first order for one month,leaving an order for two months.