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Ana Boot Camp Diet is a starvation diet based on the idea of constantly changing calorie amounts a person eats in order to trick the body and avoid the starvation mode. By avoiding the body’s starvation mode, the body burns fat and leaves lean muscle, where in starvation mode; the body tries to reserve fat tissues to help it survive the starvation period. This program allows people to shift their calorie intake from 800 calories to 0 calories in a day randomly. The idea is that a “higher” calorie day will trick the body into thinking it is not starving. This diet is continued for fifty days strait, far longer than any other fasting or purifying diet.

List of Ingredients

No ingredients as Ana Boot Camp is a diet.

Product Features

There are no ingredients to the Ana Boot Camp Diet. This diet is more about a lack of ingredients. By limiting the number of calories an individual can have throughout the day to such extreme levels, individuals may find themselves filling up on empty calories or no calorie foods that provide little to no nutritional benefit. Vitamins are included during the Ana Boot Camp to support body function, but water is often consumed in place of food.

No one seems really sure where the Ana Boot Camp Diet came from. It is assumed that the Ana in the name refers to anorexia. It is known that the Ana Boot Camp Diet is spread throughout pro anorexia websites around the world. It should be stated that the body will lose fat and weight on this diet, but that is not because the metabolism is being tricked into thinking that it is on a healthy diet, but rather simply because one is not eating enough and the body is starving. Many feel that if they simply take vitamins the body will be fine, but this simply is not true and can be very dangerous.

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  • You will lose weight and fat.


  • The body can be preeminently damaged by the prolonged lack of food.
  • Food taken in after the fifty days will be converted to fat because the body has been on a starvation diet.
  • Can cause sudden changes in blood pressure and other major bodily functions, including reproductive functions.
  • Can and will cause muscle tissue loss.
  • Hair loss and a change in skin texture are often seen in those on a starvation diet.
  • Fatigue is very common and can come on suddenly when one is on a starvation diet.


This is an extremely dangerous diet that should not be used by anyone. No doctor will ever say that this is a healthy way to lose weight. This diet should be avoided. Please seek a professional’s assistance to achieve your weight loss goals, not this diet plan.

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8 User Reviews about Ana Boot Camp

  • 1

    Im a bit hesitant bc some reviews say they gained all the weight back but hell its worth a shot email me if you need a fasting buddy <3


  • 2

    please dont do it guys



    why not do it??


  • 3

    This is a 50 day calorie restriction program. It isn’t easy, so you must be dedicated and willing. It’s designed to trick your metabolism because each day’s calories are different and causes quick and major weight loss. If you binge one day, fast the following day. You can switch a couple of the days around if need be. If you seriously keep messing up, start again.

    Day 1: 500 calories (or less)

    Day 2: 500 calories (or less)

    Day 3: 300 calories

    Day 4: 400 calories

    Day 5: 100 calories

    Day 6: 200 calories

    Day 7: 300 calories

    Day 8: 400 calories

    Day 9: 500 calories

    Day 10: FAST

    Day 11: 150 calories

    Day 12: 200 calories

    Day 13: 400 calories

    Day 14: 350 calories

    Day 15: 250 calories

    Day 16: 200 calories

    Day 17: FAST

    Day 18: 200 calories

    Day 19: 100 calories

    Day 20: FAST

    Day 21: 300 calories

    Day 22: 250 calories

    Day 23: 200 calories

    Day 24: 150 calories

    Day 25: 100 calories

    Day 26: 50 calories

    Day 27: 100 calories

    Day 28: 200 calories

    Day 29: 200 calories

    Day 30: 300 calories

    Day 31: 800 calories

    Day 32: FAST

    Day 33: 250 calories

    Day 34: 350 calories

    Day 35: 450 calories

    Day 36: FAST

    Day 37: 500 calories

    Day 38: 450 calories

    Day 39: 400 calories

    Day 40: 350 calories

    Day 41: 300 calories

    Day 42: 250 calories

    Day 43: 200 calories

    Day 44: 200 calories

    Day 45: 250 calories

    Day 46: 200 calories

    Day 47: 300 calories

    Day 48: 200 calories

    Day 49: 150 calories

    Day 50: FAST



    I love this diet!



    im on day 5, so far ive gone from 121 lbs to 111 lbs. thats 10 lbs in 5 days. not too bad and also its stopped me from binging.



    That’s awesome!! What exercise did u do



    Wow, That is awesome..! I am really considering this diet,and I was wondering if you could help me asnwer these questions. I am about 168 pounds and I want to be down to like 120, and I want to have a flat stomach. How long do you think It would take me to be where I want to be? By the way, congradulations ahah thats awesome..! You lost alot of weight in just 5 days.!