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Nutrex Research is the manufacturer of the Anabol 5 supplement. According to the product description, Anabol 5 works to increase muscle mass and strength while protecting muscles from wasting during high-intensity workouts. There is also a reference that Anabol 5 is an effective replacement for prohormones, which could mean Nutrex, is claiming testosterone building effects. There are two supplements in one as the outer shell dissolves rapidly and the inner capsule offers extended support.

List of Ingredients

Non-Sterodial Anabolic Multi-Phase Stack: Dicyclopentanone, 6-Keto Diosgenin, Acetate Ester, Propionate Ester, Cypionate Ester, Decanoate Ester, Hecogenin Acetate, 25-R Spirostan-5a-diol-6-one-3-one-undecanoate, Rhamponticum Carthamoides.

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The first ingredient is Dicyclopentanone. We found a study from 1975 claiming that Dicyclopentanone increased protein in skeletal muscle and blood. Rats were used in the study and there have been no studies completed on the ingredient since – either human or animal.

6-Keto Diosgenin is a plant sterol that may have anabolic effects without the androgenic effect of steroids. There is no proof this is the effect on humans, though rat studies have been completed with positive results.

Acetate Ester, Propinate Ester, Cypionate Ester and Decanoate Ester are all formulated to increase the solubility of fat. They have no muscle building or strength building effects, but they do take up space in the supplement leaving less room for the “active” ingredients.

Hecogenin Acetate is a lab created ingredient with no positive effect on anabolism. 25-R Spirostan-5a-diol-6-one-3-one-undecanoate is a derivative of a saponin. Saponins are supposed to increase the amount of protein that passes through the walls of a cell. This is not an anabolic action. Rhamponticum Carthamoides is the final ingredient. We found a study that used 200 mg of this ingredient without any effect on muscle mass. Anabol 5 contains only 10 mg.

Anabol 5 sells for $54.95 for 120 capsules.

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  • Ingredients are revealed on the official website.


  • None of the ingredients are proven to work as the description claims.
  • Dieters will not see a weight loss benefit.
  • Despite the claims of Anabol 5 affecting nitrogen balance, we could not find any evidence this is true.
  • Bodybuilders claim the product does not work.


Anabol 5 is not a product that will give you Hulk-like physique. Nutrex suggests using the supplement for 12 weeks, or three bottles. That is a huge price to pay for a product that does not work. Most reviews from bodybuilding users claim the first bottle was more than enough to show them the ingredients were not effective.

We suggest using a weight loss product to slim down while eating healthy and exercising often. Products like Anabol 5 are created for a small population of people interested more in building muscle than slimming fat.

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    today I buy this n under it. ihv got date that is 2/2015 maybe it mean till feb 2015.but there is no manufacturing date. so I m little bit confused about it should i eat or not. the guy whom I take this he said it is made 8.month date I mean now november I hv time till february that mean it was manufacturing on august is it TRUE? if not should I eat it?