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What You Should Know

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Anabolic-7 is a fat burning supplement created by Vyotech Nutritionals. There is an official website for Vyotech Nutritionals which reveals information on the fat burner. Contact information, supplement facts and direct ordering are available for all Vyotech Nutritionals products. At the time of this review, the link to shop Vyotech products is broken.

Anabolic-7 is listed as a supplement for intense bodybuilders and not simply people wanting to shed a few pounds or increase fitness levels. Information online claims testosterone levels will rise when taking this product which could mean only men are advised to use Anabolic-7.

List of Ingredients

Testosofen (fenugreek), EcdyVol (hydroxylated 20 beta hydroxy ecdysterone), Dehyrovex (3B hydrdoxy 5 androsten 17 one), Eurovex (eurycoma longifolia), Polygonum cuspidatum (resveratrol), ChrysoPure (Chrysin), Sensoril (withanolides), Prolactivex (vitex agnus), L Theanine, L Arginine, L Ornithine, L Glycine, L Tyrosine, L Glutamine and Banaba extract.

Product Features

Vyotech Nutritionals maintains they have created the strongest legal supplement for muscle growth. The formula is supposed to enhance testosterone, insulin and growth hormone. In addition, estrogen cortisol and prolactin are inhibited to make the perfect environment for muscles to growth faster and stronger.

Three capsules are to be taken once a day 30 minutes before working out or in the morning before breakfast. Taking the supplement for a minimum of eight weeks is suggested for the best effect. After eight weeks, the user must cycle off the supplement for at least two weeks before taking another eight week supply.

The ingredient list is very confusing. Many of the ingredients have long names and are clearly synthetic supplements. There is much debate over the safety of synthetic supplements and their use in weight loss and fitness. No research has proven these are more effective or even that they are safe over long term usage.

Fenugreek, Resveratrol and each of the “L” ingredients are naturally occurring in either the diet, both or plants. Many of these are commonly used in successful weight loss products. It is the ingredients like Dehyrovex and EcdyVol that could raise an alarm for most users.

This supplement is not intended for use by anyone following a common fitness plan or weight loss diet. Fat burn may be a side effect, but the intense reaction in the body is all about building more muscle, not burning fat. More than likely, men using this supplement will already be lean.

One bottle of Anabolic-7 retails for $40 to $50 US. Each bottle contains 90 capsules which is a one month supply.

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  • The product can be ordered online.
  • A complete ingredient list was found.


  • Synthetic ingredients have not been proven more effective.
  • This product is for bodybuilders not people trying to lose weight.
  • There is very little to no information online for some of the ingredients.
  • The supplement is priced higher than other comparable muscle builders.


If you want to lose more weight or get fit naturally, this product is not for you. Anabolic-7 is a bodybuilding supplement manufactured to create the optimal environment in the body for muscle growth. This supplement does not offer any additional weight loss or fat burn.

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