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Anabolic Addiction is a brand of supplements to help individuals, typically men, bulk up and increase their muscle mass potential. These supplements guarantee results when used with regular exercise and intense workout routines. Chemicals used in the supplement line are known for their ability to increase muscle mass and potentially sharpen the mind or at least alter it. While these chemicals are not necessarily steroids they can be dangerous.

List of Ingredients

Supplement Line Includes: ResverAcai, AL-1 Life Defender, HT-8, Phenom V1, Mass Addiction and MFV.

Product Features

Anabolic Addiction is a manufacturer of bodybuilding supplements. With other manufacturers like Universal Nutrition offering detailed websites with in-depth ingredient lists and links to research studies supporting the supplement line, it is a bit amazing to find no such information for the Anabolic Addiction supplements., a website supporting supplementation during weight lifting, offers products from this line for sale but no link to the manufacturer is offered there either.

Several of the products in the line could be useful to boost weight loss including the MFV and Phenom V1. MFV is a multi-vitamin which every dieter needs. Phenom V1 is a fat loss supplement that uses ingredients like Cha de Bugre and Glucomannan to reduce appetite and increase weight loss.

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  • The muscle mass increases could be dramatic.
  • Muscle strength seems to increase for those using the supplements.
  • Can help to reach size goals and gain mass.
  • Can increase energy levels due to the variety of stimulant supplements in the products.


  • Can cause heart and health concerns due to the high levels of protein and creatine.
  • Creatine can cause blood pressure problems, dehydration, and kidney failure.
  • High levels of protein can cause cholesterol problems.
  • Can make it easier to get into steroids once the product proves no longer effective.
  • Can cause people to have the wrong idea about the product, since the name is Anabolic Addiction.
  • Can cause muscles to build size but not necessarily strength.
  • Muscle tears and fatigue are common when muscles are quickly built.


Gaining muscle is far different than losing weight. Most often, muscle gains will lead to weight gain because muscle tends to be denser than fat. Anabolic Addiction is a series of supplements playing off the name “anabolic” to promote the effect of their products and this is common in the bodybuilding community. The fact that there is no official website to be found is a huge negative. Dieters who want to lose weight may find more support from a proven fat burner that lists testimonials online and offers a free trial for the supplement. Anabolic Addiction products are not the right fit for everyone.

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