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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Anabolic Elite goes to great lengths to cut down other anabolic supplements on the market directly comparing Anabolic Elite to Kobe steak – other anabolic products are nothing more than hamburger. Despite the push to set Anabolic Elite apart from the competition, there are no clinical studies mentioned to prove the product claims. When a product goes out on a limb to claim it is the best in any bodybuilding category, science needs to be behind that product as well. The reviews from consumers who’ve used the product are positive, but there are less than 100 reviews on one of the most visited bodybuilding websites on the Internet – that means few people actually use and love (or hate) the product.

List of Ingredients


  • Gentiana Lutea Root
  • Blepharis Edulis Seed
  • Cestrus Nocturnum
  • Ficus Hispida Root
  • Coffea Arabica Seed

Product Features

Gentiana lutea root has a history of use in alternative medicine, but there is no evidence it helps promote muscle growth. The main uses noted for the plant affect the digestive system. Blepharis edulis seed is listed as an aphrodisiac and diuretic. Diuretics can reduce water retention leaving the body looking cut and more defined, but there is actually no change in physique associated with taking diuretics. Muscles just rest closer to the skin so definition is more pronounced.

We found no direct information on cestrus nocturnum, but we did find plenty of information on cestrum nocturnum. One website lists cestrus as a potato plant, but cestrus is a flower that can be toxic. Ficus hispida root is thought to have liver protecting qualities based on animal studies. Anabolic supplements often attack the liver, which could account for the addition of this ingredient.

Coffea Arabica seed may sound like a fancy ingredient, but this ingredient is nothing more than coffee bean. Coffee bean is a source of caffeine, but Anabolic Elite doesn’t bother to reveal how much caffeine is supplied per serving. As a matter of fact there is no mention of caffeine in the product description at all.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Contains caffeine to increase energy.


  • None of the ingredients are proven to have anabolic qualities.
  • At least one ingredient is relatively unknown and untested.


Anabolic Elite is not the spectacular anabolic supplement the company makes it out to be. We doubt the users who left positive reviews achieved any results other than water loss and increased energy.

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