Anabolic Xtreme Review

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Anabolic Xtreme Review

Anabolic Xtreme, or Anabolic X, is a manufacturer of bodybuilding supplements. When it comes to hardcore supplements that force the muscles into safe, accelerated growth, this company has the supplement for you. Only a small portion of the world population practices bodybuilding and most are thin or of average weight before they begin. Anabolic Xtreme does not formulate products for someone wishing to trim down rather those trying to bulk up. This is not to say there are no slimming or weight loss products on the website, but even those used to slim down are created to be stacked with other bodybuilding products.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients will vary based on supplement ordered.

Product Features

Taking a quick look at the website, we are immediately confronted with recall information from Slim Xtreme and Slim Xtreme Lite. All information on these products has been removed from the website. Opening the website with such a claim can leave the consumer wondering if the rest of the products are safe to use.

The product list is full of creatine, muscle building supplements that easily stack onto one another for weight loss / muscle building cycles. This type of stack is perfect for men or women who are looking to trim down and start bodybuilding from scratch. The most popular stack is called Xtreme Cutting Cycle. This cycle includes Lean-FX, Stimulant-X, Hyperdrol-X2 and Trisorbagen.

Stacking supplements may be confusing and overwhelming for someone just looking to drop 20 to 25 pounds. Anabolic Xtreme is probably not the best manufacturer for these people as stacking supplements is encouraged. Stacking can also be very expensive. For instance, the 8 week cycle will probably use two bottle of each supplement. That means buying eight bottles of supplements at an average cost of $70 per bottle. Total cost = about $560 US for one cycle.

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  • Product information is available online and in pdf form.
  • Complete ingredient lists are available.
  • Products can be ordered from the manufacturer.


  • Anabolic Xtreme does not make fat burners for traditional use.
  • Stacking is encouraged which could mean very high cost for supplements.
  • Not everyone is used to taking multiple supplements everyday and this could lead to confusion.
  • Some of the products contain stimulants.


For men and women who want to change their life around in just 8 weeks, Anabolic Innovations could have the stack for them. Weight loss and muscle gain will result from taking the supplements as directly as long as lengthy workouts, including free weights and machine weights, are used daily.

The everyday person who wants to lose weight may be overwhelmed by both the website and the product lines. Bodybuilders are intense and these supplements are just as intense.

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