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Anacin is a pain reliever with caffeine. These pain relievers are commonly used as part of an ECA stack. Diet supplements used to contain caffeine, aspirin and ephedra, but the FDA pulled ephedra to the banned list and required dieters to purchase the supplement at pharmacies after providing a government-issued ID card. The FDA tracks all ephedra sales, but that hasn’t stopped dieters from creating their very own ECA stacks at home. The FDA regulations allow the consumer to purchase enough ephedra per month to use as a diet supplement.

There was some connection between ephedra and the drug trade. Pseudoephedra was the main ingredient in methamphetamines – known as meth for short. Some people believe the FDA only pulled ephedra from the diet market because of this connection. Now, you have to have a valid ID to purchase and that eliminates some criminals from buying the product.

List of Ingredients


  • Aspirin
  • Caffeine

Product Features

While pain relievers are not usually used as diet pills, there is a strong connection between caffeine and aspirin in the weight loss market. White willow bark is commonly used in weight loss supplements. It reduces muscle pain and thins the blood slightly so the other ingredients move through the body faster. If the dieter is exercising on a regular basis and wants to take a pain reliever, Anacin is a good option. It provides enough aspirin to kill the pain and enough caffeine to drive a bit of that fluid that collects in the muscle out. There will be a slight increase in alertness and energy, but the dieter probably won’t notice unless they never take caffeine or drink caffeinated products.

Anacin can also be used as part of an ECA stack, though the caffeine content is lower than it should be for such a use. The dieter would have to add up to 170 more caffeine – so why not just purchase the aspirin and caffeine separately?

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  • Anacin may help reduce pain and eliminate fluid retention in muscles.
  • The caffeine content may increase energy, but only slightly.
  • Could be used with other caffeinated supplements.


  • The caffeine content is too low to boost metabolism.
  • We do not recommend using Anacin or any other product as part of an ECA stack.


We are noticing more and more dieters choosing aspirin-based products for pain relief and as part of a diet supplement regime. It could be that aspirin is suggested for other health reasons, or it could be because aspirin relieves pain and caffeine increases the effect of aspirin. There are lots of reasons for dieters to take aspirin, but if that reason has anything to do with ephedra, we say skip it.

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