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Do you want to throw your body into an anabolic state? Anadraulic State GT but LG Sciences claims amazing results on an anabolic level will happen to bodybuilders using this supplement. There are multiple complexes in the supplement which leads us to believe either LG Sciences has finally found the perfect combination or they are throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the supplement in hopes the user feels something. With a stimulant complex there is little doubt anyone taking this supplement will feel the effects, but will that equate to more muscle, stronger muscle or leaner muscle? Anadraulic State GT sells for $34.99 per powdered canister.

List of Ingredients

Stimulant Complex: Caffeine Anhydrous, Bitter Orange (20% Synephrine).

Adaptogenic Complex: Quercetin, Schizandra Berry Extract, Wolfberry Extract, Cinnamon 10:1.

Amino Acid Complex: Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Partially Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, Aspartic Acid, L-Leucine, Free Form Amino Acids.

Xeno-Estrogen Control Complex: Ellagic Acid 40%, Trans-Reserveratrol 50%, 3beta-hydroxyurs-12-en-28-oic acid 25%.

Creatine Complex: Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, Creatine Citrate/Malate, Creatine Ethyl Ester.

pSARM Complex: Hibiscus rosa sinensis, Osthole 80%.

Carbohydrate Complex: Dextrose, Waxy Maize Starch.

Product Features

Let’s stimulate a bit with the Stimulating Complex. Caffeine and bitter orange make up the formula, both of which are strong stimulants. Synephrine is the active ingredient in bitter orange. Synephrine is closely related to Ephedra, but it does not measure up in terms of fat burn and weight loss.

The Adaptogenic Complex in Anadraulic State GT starts off with an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory – Quercetin. In rat studies, this ingredient increased energy output for a small amount of time. This study has not been reproduced in humans. Schizandra Berry Extract is another antioxidant that promotes mood stability. Wolfberry Extract is a third anti-oxidant that may affect some prescription medications.

Moving on the Amino Acid Complex we have two forms of protein and amino acids. This is standard for bodybuilding supplements though most supplements do not contain pea protein. Amino acids work with the body to digest and utilize those proteins.

The Creatine Complex is another expected ingredient. Creatine is used in supplements to create a feeling of fullness in the muscle. It is respected by bodybuilders though it may not provide any muscle building benefits long-term.

The pSARM Complex is worth little time. There is no such thing as a pSARM so these ingredients are useless in the supplement. The last complex is packed with carbohydrates. Bodybuilders typically consume carbohydrates to help move protein into muscles. The carbohydrates will increase the calorie impact of a shake mix like Anadraulic State GT, but they have no negative impact.

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  • Stimulants will increase energy and metabolism.


  • Will not increase muscle growth.
  • Does not affect sexual health – as described.


Anadraulic State GT is just a lazy supplement. Aside from amino acids, carbohydrates, creatine and stimulants, there is nothing much to look at. You could pick up any comparable bodybuilding supplement and read most of the same ingredients. Of course, the pSARM complex will not be in any of the competitors because LG Sciences created that phrase.

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