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Anafit is a manufacturer and distributor of fat burning supplements. The supplements included in the line are Thermorexin, Yohimburn ES and Cardio Breeze, among others. The company formulates the supplement and then creates a website on which the supplement is marketed and sold to the world. You can purchase supplements directly from the company or you can find many of the products formulated by Anafit on other vitamin websites.

We noticed a customer service phone number and information about the online store. There is a discussion forum where Anafit customers can talk about the products and how they work. The company is working on transparency – they openly list ingredients for their fat burners, but the ingredients are often in proprietary blends.

List of Ingredients


  • Yohimburn ES
  • Yohimburn DF
  • Glucorell R
  • P Seven Orange
  • Thermorexin

Product Features

Anafit is not your average vitamin company. They do not focus solely on weight loss. There are supplements on the website that cater to glucose control, appetite suppression, fat burning and neurological support. The website is packed with information about how to contact the company and how to learn more about the supplements. You can also visit the official websites for some of the supplements created by Anafit through the links provided.

We took a closer look at the top two products in the lineup – Yohimburn and Thermorexin. Yohimburn is a topical spray that claims to spot reduce fat. This claim is not supported with clinical research. The official website for Thermorexin appears to be for sale as of July 2012. We found the supplement listed in the Anafit Store, but there were no ingredients listed.

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  • Ingredients are listed for most of the supplements formulated by Anafit.
  • The company offers more than enough contact information.
  • There is a forum where dieters can talk about the supplements.
  • Some of the supplements have dedicated websites.


  • The official website for Thermorexin is available for sale.
  • There are no ingredients listed for Thermorexin on the official website.
  • Anafit appears to promote supplements with no clinical support.


Anafit may produce some healthy, beneficial supplements for weight loss, fat burning and appetite control, but there are also a few supplements that simply will NOT work as claimed. The Yohimburn line, for instance, is a topical spray that claims to spot reduce fat stores. There are no sprays that work like this as the body will use fat from stores as needed, but those stores can be dictated and sprays are not particularly effective. Anafit has a ways to go before the company is considered a major player in weight loss.

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    You (the author) have absolute no idea what you’re talking about. You claim that Yohimburn will not work for topical fat loss, yet your explanation as to why is completely incoherent.

    Try learning some science before attempting to speak on scientific topics.