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What You Should Know

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Anapure is one of many different protein supplements marketed to body builders and extreme athletes. It is not marketed toward people looking to lose weight, because it is not needed by people who are looking for fat burning products or appetite suppression. It will not work for either of these two purposes. The website claims that there is a direct correlation between the speed at which amino acids and carbohydrates enter the blood stream and the rate at which muscle grows, though there is no evidence to back these claims.


Sodium: 110mg, Carbohydrates: 2mg, Protein: 8mg

Product Features

The proprietary ingredient in Anapure is the PeptoPro Protein which is based on a milk protein. It prides itself on being a natural product and being safe for everyone. The hydrolyzed protein is claimed as a far more superior protein compared to whey concentrate protein which is one of the major selling points behind Anapure. PeptoPro is the first hydrolyzed protein to be used in a protein shake. The peptides in Anapure may have other benefits like reducing stress, calming nerves, aiding sleep, reducing blood sugar and increasing satiety.

80% of the proteins in Anapure are water soluble so as to make them easier to digest and move into the system quicker to help the muscle growth.

Along with being available in powder form, it is available in a bar form, with one flavor option being lemon.

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  • Beneficial in diets where protein is lacking.
  • Moderate price means it is affordable for most of its target audience.


  • Possible side effects from too much protein in the diet.
  • Not for weight loss.
  • No money back guarantee.
  • Unsupported product claims.


Anapure is a good choice for a protein supplement where whey proteins are concerned, though of course like all others should only be used before or after weight lifting activities so as to protect the muscles from breakdown and and damage. If you are looking for a weight loss product, you should look elsewhere and come back to this one if you decide to take up weight lifting in an effort to increase your weight loss efforts and strengthen your body. The website shows customer reviews which seem to speak highly of the product, claiming to see higher energy levels and muscle fullness within a week or two of beginning to use the Anapure. The average product rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

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