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Anatomy of a Food Addiction: The Brain Chemistry of Overeating: An Effective Program to Overcome Compulsive Eating is a book, currently in its 3rd edition, written by Anne Katherine, and published in 1996. Anne Katherine holds a Master of Arts in Psychology from Peabody College, along with a Certificate in Addiction Studies from Seattle University. Along with this book, she has authored Where You End and I Begin, and is a Certified Eating Disorders Therapist by the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals. She runs a practice of her own as a Mental Health Counselor is run with other therapists in the Seattle area.


There are no ingredients in this product, as it is a book geared toward people who have problems with binge eating, written by a recovering binge eater.

Product Features

The book helps people who have problems with overeating to understand the urge to eat is controlled by chemicals in the brain. It is meant to help people understand how to fight the battle without feeling like they have no will power and are failing. The author has gone through the same overeating battles and can relate to readers who are going through the emotional and physical turmoil caused by overeating. The book discusses ways to handle overeating which are healthy for the person reading the book. Using “assignments” and encouraging words, this book has helped many get through the battle with overeating.

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  • Shows people they do have the willpower and can change the trends, without making them feel as though they have failed with previous attempts.
  • Shows people how to overcome the emotional issues which lead people to overeat in the first place.


  • Some may be turned away from the book due to advice to stay away from sugars and white flours in order to stop cravings at first.
  • Some people may become obsessive about staying on the right track and away from the bad foods to the extent which is unhealthy. A food obsession is a food obsession, either way.
  • May be counteractive in sending over eaters out to overeat the foods they should not eat.


While some may find this very helpful and a blessing, others may find it more of a burden because of some of the suggestions to alleviate the problem. Amazon sells the book for $10.17 where interested readers can take a peek inside the book. A portion of the book is also available online through Google Books. For those who are still questioning the purchase, try using these features to read a portion of the book or go to the library before deciding to spend the money. With a small price tag, it is worth the read to see if will help.

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