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One of the most world renowned names in bodybuilding supplements is MuscleTech. Anator-P70 is a supplement created by this company to produce rapid muscle growth on a genetic level, according to the official website. While there are no free trials, complete ingredient information, customer service contacts and online ordering is available for the supplement.

List of Ingredients

LeuciGene: L leucine, L leucine orotate, L leucine ethyl ester HCL, L leucine methyl ester HCL, L leucine alpha-ketoglutarate, L leucine isovaleric acid and n-acetyl l-leucine.

GeneTOR: Creatine monohnydrate, l alanine pyroglutamate, alpha ketoglutarate, L phenylalanine ethyl ester HCL, L phenylalanine alpha-ketoglutarate, L phenylalanine orotate and L phenylalanine isovaleric acid.

S6K: L phenylalanine, alpha amino n-butyrate, alpha amino n-valerate, guanidopropionic acid, polyrhachis vicina roger extract, salvia miltiorrhiza bunge extract, diacerein, maslinic acid, brewer’s yeast, cytosine, disodium inosinate and disodium 5-guanylate.

Product Features

At first glance, the common person trying to lose weight would get lost in the ingredient list alone. These ingredients are common in muscle building supplements, but not weight loss or fat burning solutions.

L leucine, in all its derivatives, is a protein or amino acid used my muscle tissue. The theory behind the LeuciGene proprietary blend is to provide more of what the muscle naturally uses to support quicker muscle gains.

The same thing goes for the GeneTOR blend. Alanine, both in l alanine and l phenylalanine form is an amino acid. Again, this amino acid is utilized in the muscle and thus the theory – more is better.

One of the most interesting ingredients on the list is salvia miltiorrhiza bunge extract. Commonly known as red sage, this herb has the ability to thin blood, reduce heart rate and increase heart beat intensity. In terms of muscle building, this could mean more blood thus more protein making it to the muscle.

Anator-P70 is created for bodybuilders only. This supplement is all about increasing blood flow and delivering protein and amino acids to the muscle. Weight loss will not occur as the powder packs 340 calories per single serving. One container of berry flavored powder contains about 16 servings. This container retails for about $50 per container.

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  • May help increase muscle size in bodybuilders.


  • Product is not created for someone trying to lose weight.
  • Blood thinning can be a health risk.
  • Increasing heart intensity may lead to health problems.
  • The product is priced higher than other weight related supplements.
  • Anator-P70 cannot be purchased directly from the website.


This supplement is not created for anyone simply trying to lose weight or increase fitness output. Muscle building is a science that has nothing to do with weight loss. The calorie level of the powder alone is enough to break a diet, let alone the blood thinning effect on the body.

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    How do I buy the anotor p70?


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    I would realy like to purchase anator p70 ive used it and had great resaults it helped my tendons heal and helped my nuild i was hoping you can refrence me to a sit or a # i can call that may help me get my favorite gean activator back in my diet thanks.