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Andrew Lessman Procaps is the company out in front of the man. In 1979, Andrew Lessman started on a journey that would eventually turn out to be a life calling. Though he studied to be a lawyer and practiced for 10 years, he was never really on the right path until he merged his love of vitamins with his passion for fitness and created ProCaps Labs. Andrew Lessman Procaps is one of those companies that other so-called supplement companies could learn from. Instead of picking up on the latest trending ingredient and pushing out a useless supplement created and bottled in some third-party lab, ProCaps Labs formulates and manufactures all supplements within the company.

If you want to order a product from Andrew Lessman Procaps make sure to read the ingredient list and get permission from your doctor is you have any medical conditions or if you’re taking prescription medications. Lessman does not typically use ingredients known to cause negative side effects, but there is always an exception to the rule.

List Of Ingredients


  • Supplement company that produces supplements iin-house.

Product Features

Andrew Lessman Procaps is a novel company. When the company informally started in 1979 it was to fulfill a need. Lessman was training for a Decathlon and he wanted to supplement his body for optimal performance, but the ingredients and vitamins available on the market were not the best in the world. He felt the market was flooded with poor quality and he knew quality was extremely important to end result –so he researched and started formulating supplements on his own. After practicing law for 10 years he left the law business and started Andrew Lessman Procaps. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today Andrew Lessman Procaps offers dieters and people from all over the United States, high-quality supplements for less. The prices are lower with ProCaps Labs because there is no middle man supplying the ingredients and packaging. ProCaps does everything in-house.

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  • Andrew Lessman saw a missing piece in the supplement market and he filled it with Andrew Lessman Procaps.
  • The company makes all supplements.
  • Prices are lower because there is no middle man.


  • Not all dieters will lose more weight taking the supplements offered from Andrew Lessman Procaps.


Andrew Lessman Procaps is one of those companies you don’t see every day. The company was built in passion and that means a lot in a money-hungry industry that creates billions of dollars in revenues each year. Lessman may not be formally trained in supplements, vitamins, chemistry or nutrition, but he has the right idea about how to keep a company unique in an industry flooded with products.

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    Would like to know I am a diabetic which of your products is best for me thanks



    which products are for thyroid and diabetic thanks