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Andrew Lessman is one of the old-school veterans of supplement production. He founded the company that would later be renamed ProCap Labs in 1979. The company has changed throughout the years, but it remains one of the few companies still in the supplement business that formulates, manufactures and sells the products they create. There is no middle man or outside company throwing together some ingredients based on a recipe cooked up by just anyone.

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  • Expert on nutrition and fitness.

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Andrew Lessman is one of those people who happen to stumble on life’s path by accident. He was interested in the effect of vitamins on overall health early in life and even studied how vitamins affected the overall health of lab mice for a science fair project in school. He found that something as simple as vitamin supplementation could impact overall health and the number of pups in a mouse litter – so he kept studying.

The bond between vitamin supplementation and improved health and athletic performance came when Lessman was training for the Decathlon while in college. He wanted to improve how his body worked so he researched the best vitamins for the job. Unfortunately there were no companies producing vitamins with the quality he was looking for. The year was 1979 and that was the start of a long career in supplement formulation.

Today Andrew Lessman is a bit less directly involved with production, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less hands on. Lessman promotes his ProCaps Labs supplements as the choice for people who want researched and informed products. Under the weight management category we find energy supplements with caffeine and meal replacements. The prices are lower than some companies and more than others – so Andrew Lessman stay relevant to people who know supplements, but out of the sight of people who look no further than the grocery store shelves for a multivitamin to take each morning.

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  • Andrew Lessman has quite the history in nutrition, fitness and supplements.
  • He worked for a vitamin company in college.
  • ProCaps Labs formulates the supplements they sell.
  • The supplements are less expensive than some other supplements in the same category.


  • Andrew Lessman does not appear to have any formal education in nutrition or chemistry.
  • Some of the supplements contain ingredients without clinical support.


Andrew Lessman has a long history in vitamins and supplements. His company ProCaps Labs manages to offer some of the same formulas offered by other companies for less because all manufacturing is done in-house, but not all formulas are proven and research is not listed.

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2 User Reviews about Andrew Lessman

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    Patty Word

    I love his viamins I want to try the meal placement How can i get it


  • 2

    I have been with his products for over 20yrs.
    The one thing that makes me ill, is the amount of money I spend for my wife & I per yr.
    We alwasy buy during his times with discount & free shipping , and we still end up spending $5,000 or $$$$