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What You Should Know

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Androhard is not your average bodybuilding supplement. This supplement, that appears to still be available online, contains two oral steroids. There is even a comparison between Androhard and injected steroids. According to Androhard, the injected steroids are more dangerous, but bodybuilders believe in injections over products like Androhard. We did find some support for Androhard and the rest of the Andro family because they are not toxic to the liver.

We also found a few claims that the company behind Androhard did not bother to support – we are talking about a steroid here so why bother proving the product is safe right? One of the claims says Androhard can cure gynecomastia. This is a condition caused by injected steroids, prohormones and test boosters. The testosterone turns into estrogen and causes breast tissue to grow.

List of Ingredients


  • 3-beta-undecanoyloxy-5-alpha-androstan-17-one
  • 3-alpha-enanthoyloxy-5-alpha-androstan-17-one

Liqua-Vade Hormone Transport Complex:

  • High Stearic Shea Nut Oil
  • Glyceryl Monolinoleate/Oleate
  • High Linoleic Safflower Seed Oil

Phospholipid Complex:

  • Ethoxylated Sorbitan Monooleate

Hormone Protection Complex:

  • Grapefruit Peel Oil
  • Naringenin
  • Quercetin Extract
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides

Product Features

If you are willing to take an oral steroid to increase muscle growth and strength, you are probably not worried about the health risks associated with the product, but there are some things to consider before taking Androhard or any other oral steroid. Typically, oral steroids can cause just as many side effects, if not more, than injected steroids. The liver is the primary organ affected so bodybuilders need to take liver support during the steroid cycle and after the cycle. Androhard can be taken for more than 8 weeks, but there is a limit that MUST be followed.

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  • Steroids will increase muscle growth and reduce recovery time.
  • Will likely increase testosterone.
  • Available for sale online.


  • Steroids are not safe for consumption without medical attention.
  • May cause severe side effects, including death.
  • Even though this supplement is available for sale online, it could be illegal in the US.


Androhard took us by storm. The product retails for nearly $130. That is a huge amount to pay for a supplement, but this is not your average supplement. This supplement contains two steroids, which will increase muscle mass, but they will also affect the liver and other organs. We found information on Androhard that says the steroids in the formula are non-toxic to the liver, but we did not find any clinical proof of this claim. Steroids are not for weight loss.

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