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Androlin Max is a form of testosterone propionate or prop as this form of testosterone is affectionately called. Prop or Androlin Max is a steroid in every sense of the word. The medication is injected into the body and testosterone levels rise.

We were unable to find an official website for Androlin Max and we found no bodybuilding forums discussing the medication. This is likely because using medications like this for bodybuilder purposes is neither healthy nor legal if the bodybuilder is competing. There is a chance that Androlin Max is also the name of a supplement trying to mimic the effects of Prop. If you find a supplement over the counter with this name it is NOT the same as injected testosterone.

List of Ingredients


  • Testosterone Propionate

Product Features

Why is there such a huge underground market for testosterone and steroids? The bodybuilding work thrives on growing inhuman muscles in the shortest amount of time. There are cycles of bulking and cutting to worry about in addition to the long list of supplements taken to increase muscle mass, decrease recovery time and feed muscle so it does not waste away during the next six hour training session. Testosterone, which is naturally occurring in both men and women, is the key to faster muscle growth and recovery, but there are some problems with injecting testosterone.

Some of the testosterone injected as Androlin Max will convert to estrogen. This means the bodybuilder is more likely to see growth of breast tissue and other feminine side effects. These often inhibit muscle growth and may cause long-term side effects. Steroids have also been linked to liver damage and early death.

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  • Androlin Max will support increased muscle mass and growth.
  • Recovery times will reduce dramatically.


  • Will likely cause water retention.
  • Will likely cause long term side effects.
  • Not legal for use in competitions.
  • Not legal for use without a prescription.
  • Not designed for the dieter.
  • Must be cycled with post cycle therapy to restore and support healthy liver function.


Androlin Maxx is a steroid and as such as WILL NOT support this product. You can find natural ways to increase muscle mass that do not include illegal steroid use. Steroids are associated with negative side effects, including early death and should not be used unless prescribed by a physician.

If you need to lose weight, talk with your physician, diet and exercise for slow, even progress. Steroids may look like a fast way to get where you want to be, but they are also a fast way to end your life early.

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