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Andrology for Men is a lotion applied to the skin to reduce the presence of fat. Love handles, beer gut and chest fat are all reduced to a fraction of the size when the lotion is applied regularly, according to the online literature. The official website offers a 100% money back guarantee if users are not satisfied with the results.

In addition to the money back guarantee, Andrology for Men is available for purchase through the official website. A 12 week supply retails for $55 US with free shipping and handling.

List of Ingredients

Guarana, Green Tea Extract and Bitter Orange Extract.

Product Features

Andrology for Men plays off the fact that caffeine sucks water from the space between cells. When applied to the skin, theoretically, the water trapped between cells will be pulled through the skin and the area, in essence, dehydrated. The result should be a smoother appearance. The water, however, will return to the space and thus the slimmer result will not be long lasting.

The ingredients included in Andrology for Men are all stimulants. Guarana, green tea and bitter orange are commonly used in oral fat burners to increase heart rate. When applied to the skin, natural caffeine is the aim of their inclusion in Andrology for Men.

There are no links to scientific research that proves topical caffeine produces a slimmer look on fatty areas of the body. The consumer is forced to believe the manufacturer or the testimonials listed on the website.

The testimonials are of great interest in regards to how well Andrology for Men works. Some of the users complain about the price in relation to the size of the bottle. Others complain about the fact that no before and after photos are included on the website. These are both points we would have brought up, but Andrology for Men customers seem to have beat us to it.

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  • A complete ingredient list is available online.
  • The product can be ordered directly through the website.


  • There is no proof the serum will work to reduce the look of body fat.
  • Consumers complain about the lack of relevant testimonials.
  • The price is higher than consumers would like it to be.
  • Topical caffeine has not been proven to reduce the size of fat cells or the look of fat through the skin.


Losing weight and body fat is about diet, exercise and the use of a proven fat burner. Andrology for Men plays off the reaction of body cells to caffeine, but does not offer proof the serum works. Consumers looking to slim down may achieve a better result by working out more often and choosing a fat burner to melt away that unwanted fat.

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