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Angelina Jolie’s diet may be considered strange by some people. Little details are offered on the diet itself. She eats whole foods while staying away from sugar, and is always sure to eat sitting down. Her diet is commonly referred to as the Candlelit Diet, which means she will not eat in a room which is bright, or well lit. The diet was so low fat it began to worry her partner, Brad Pitt, when she was pregnant with their twins.

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The diet focuses on low fat, organic, whole foods. Angelina Jolie’s diet does not include too many fatty foods as her belief is that a diet heavy in fat will program the children to crave unhealthy foods. Since a no fat diet is also not healthy, Angelina factors in nuts and other healthy sources of fat and protein.

In addition to paying attention to the food she eats, Angelina Jolie does not eat while standing, and will not eat unless the room is dimly lit. Sitting while eating causes a person to pay more attention to what he or she is placing in his or her mouth and allows for the person to spend ample time chewing and swallowing each bite. When people eat standing, they are more likely to be in a hurry and rush through the meal–eating more, and not eating as well for their bodies. Also, another major principle of the diet is she eats while sitting on a low stool or a cushion. The main key to the diet is proper relaxation before eating the meal will help to ensure the body absorbs the most nutrients efficiently.

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  • The diet includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts.


  • The diet does not include a lot of meat, protein, or fatty foods.
  • Seemed to worry loved ones about her health while she was pregnant with the twins.
  • Not many details offered on caloric intake or meal frequency.


Though this diet does consider good healthy foods, it is not balanced diet. The focus on this diet was not to lose weight, but to keep healthy for the babies. If you are looking for a well balanced diet to help you lose weight and build muscle, you should find something which provides more details and includes exercise. Drink lots of water, use of healthy, proven, supplements, and you are sure to do well.

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  • 1

    I just would like to know which foods Angelina Jolie avoids completely.


    Stephen (Editor)

    Angelina Jolie’s diet does not include too many fatty foods but allows for nuts. Not too much meat though.


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