Animal Omega Review

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Animal Omega Review

Animal Omega is a supplement offered as part of an Animal Pak by Universal Nutrition. The website offers detailed information on the individual supplement and the Animal Pak itself. There is a long list of research studies listed for the consumer to browse if they want substantiated proof of the effect of Animal Omega and omega fatty acids in the body.

Universal Nutrition offers a long list of supplements for bodybuilders, though some can be used by everyday people trying to lead healthier lives and lose more weight. Animal Omega will not increase metabolism, per se, but may prepare the body for the effects working out and weight loss have on a cellular level.

List of Ingredients

Fish and Vegetable Oils: salmon, cod liver, herring, anchovy, mackerel, sardine, borage, flax seed, evening primrose, safflower and sesamin.

Fatty Acids: ALA, CLA, DHA, GLA, EPA and LA.

Product Features

Universal Nutrition bases its Animal Omega on the effect of low-fat diets on the body. In the 1980s and 1990s, low-fat diets were all the rage. Recent research has lead scientists and doctors to promote a diet that is low in “bad” fats and rich in “good” fats. The fatty acids offered in Animal Omega are all “good” fats.

At the heart of Animal Omega are essential fatty acids. Humans are unable to synthesize essential fatty acids in the body and thus these fats are pulled from foods eaten as part of a healthy diet. When low-fat diets are adopted to lose weight, the level of EFAs lowers to the point where health can be affected. Animal Omega can be taken year round without cycling off which is uncommon in most bodybuilding supplements. People who are not bodybuilding or trying to increase muscle can also take Animal Omega as part of a healthy weight loss plan. The supplement will not interact with fat burners as there are no stimulants in the supplement.

Animal Omega can be purchased online and in select vitamin shops. The product retails for $44.95 US and can be purchased directly through Universal Nutrition.

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  • Omega fatty acids can improve health.
  • Some research supports protection against certain cancers and heart disease.
  • The website offers a complete listing of ingredients.
  • The product is safe for nearly everyone trying to lose weight.
  • Online ordering from Universal Nutrition is available.


  • Animal Omega will not increase metabolism.
  • The product has a high price tag.


To improve overall body health, omega fatty acids are important. While Animal Omega will not increase weight loss, it can help to improve health which can lead to more effective workouts and better recovery from low-fat or low calorie diets. The product can also be taken with a fat burner which could greatly increase weight loss.

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    thos animal omega make you lose muscle? or its just lose fatty.