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Ani’s Raw Food Asia is a cookbook written by Ani Pho. She has written several cookbooks on the raw foodie lifestyle full of recipes, such as: Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, Ani’s Raw Desserts, and Ani’s Raw Food Essentials. For people who are looking to indulge themselves a little more in living a raw food lifestyle with variety and good taste, this is an excellent addition to the library of recipes. Though the focus is not specifically on weight loss, a raw food lifestyle improves health overall and typically leads to weight loss as a side effect.

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Ani’s Raw Food Asia introduces you to the world of Asian cuisine, with foods from India, China, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Hawaii, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Recipes include: Vanilla Cinnamon “Rice” Pudding with Coconut Milk and Sliced Banana, Glass (kelp) Noodles with Marinated Mushrooms, Spinach and Carrots, Asparagus Namul, and Spring Rolls with Mango Dipping Sauce. There are several recipes featuring a mock rice, for the ones who really enjoy rice based dishes. The emphasis is on a lot of vegetables, and making use of the already primarily raw cuisine. New techniques are introduced, and the ingredient list is kept simple.

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  • Ani’s Raw Food Asia offers a variety of raw food recipes focused on cuisine from India, China, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Hawaii, Vietnam, and Indonesia, which is something many raw food books do not include.
  • Ani has several raw food books, so you can trust the author as an expert.


  • Ani’s Raw Food Asia is not specifically focused on weight loss.
  • Following a raw food lifestyle will typically require you spend more money on food.
  • Following a raw food lifestyle will typically require you to spend more time in the kitchen preparing meals.
  • This does not mention exercise.
  • There are no meal plans included.


Ani’s Raw Food Asia is an excellent cookbook for people who are looking for raw adaptations of their favorite Asian dishes, with several different countries of origin to choose from. However, for most people, a raw diet is very hard to stick to over the long term because it is highly restrictive, time consuming, and expensive to follow. Even though this cookbook is not focused on teaching you how to lose weight, since the recipes are raw, you are likely to see some weight loss along the way, provided you are not eating too many calories. To lose weight, you must reduce the amount of calories you are eating opting for healthy choices over junk food, and you should exercise on a regular basis to increase the amount of calories you burn. For an extra boost to your efforts, a clinically proven appetite suppressant or fat burner can help you reach your goals, faster.

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