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Bodybuilding is serious business for men who jump into the gym with the idea of packing on massive muscle and weight. Annabolic Innovations offers two main supplements to aid the bodybuilder in that quest. Motivate and Perform work together to make weight lifting productive and full of gains.

Annabolic Innovations offers product information, contact and online ordering from a third party website. Complete ingredient lists are also available for each product. The website seems to be a bit less professional than other bodybuilding supplement manufacturers. Some links do not work and there are no before and after pics for testimonials on the website.

List of Ingredients

Motivate: L-glutamine, L-taurine, schizandra extract, 1,3 dimethylamylamine and caffeine.

Perform: MACA, Bulgarian tribulus terrestris, epimedium and eurycoma longifolia.

Other products will have different ingredient lists.

Product Features

According to website information and product names, the Annabolic Innovations products help the user stay motivated and perform in the gym. These ingredient lists prove the supplements are not for weight loss, though Motivate may increase energy levels and heart rate (metabolism) just a bit. The main goal is to get the bodybuilder in the gym and keep them there long enough to gain muscle mass.

In terms of product effectiveness, Annabolic Innovations is up against mainstream giants like Universal Nutrition and MuscleTech. These two supplements do not hold up to the big boys. The ingredient list does not include amino acids, nitrous oxide or creatines which are the three most popular ingredients in muscle building today.

Taking a look at each of the other products offered by Annabolic Innovations – Cycle Support, Post Cycle Support, Testopro and Glycobol – to name a few, doesn’t offer much more optimism. These products do not contain effective ingredients either.

The general price per bottle of an Annabolic Innovations product is about $45 US. One bottle will last 30 days or less depending on how the product instructions advise taking the capsules or powder. All products are formulated to be taken at different stages of the muscle building process. Some can be stacked or taken together in the same cycle.

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  • Information is found easily online.
  • Products can be ordered from trusted Internet vitamin shops.


  • None of the supplements will increase weight loss.
  • As bodybuilding supplements, the ingredient list leaves much to be desired.
  • The price is higher than comparable supplements.
  • Some of the supplements need to be cycled on and off while working out.
  • Weight loss is not the primary goal of the company.


Compared to bodybuilding giants, Annabolic Innovations has a lot of work to do to compete. If fitness or weight loss is your only goal, none of these products will effectively aid you in that journey. Bodybuilding supplements are created for people trying to gain weight and thus often leave out fat burners or metabolism boosters.

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