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Anne Louise Gittlemen is known as the First Lady of Nutrition. She is a “guru” of sorts, who focuses on natural diets, detoxification, and promotes overall health. She has authored over 30 books and pioneered several different diet plans. She introduced the Fast Track One Day Detox Diet and the newest Gut Flush Plan. As a famous speaker, she has been featured on several television shows across several different networks and is a highly respected person in the Diet and Nutrition field.

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Anne Louise Gittlemen has authored several different books which focus on a healthy lifestyle and diet. The books she has written are: Guess What Came to Dinner? Parasites and Your Health: was among the first books to address parasites that live in the foods we eat and in our bodies. These parasites adversely affect our health and many people do not realize those parasites to be a source of potential harm for our bodies. Your Body Knows Best is one of the first books to make the connection between a person’s blood type and weight. Super Nutrition for Menopause was the first book to address all natural alternatives to treat the symptoms of menopause. Before the Change was the first book to make the term “perimenopause” popular, as it addressed things women go through before menopause begins.

There are several different diet plans to choose from to help you get started losing weight: Gut Flush Plan: cleanse and detoxify your body. Fat Flush Plan: This plan has three phases and is a lifelong approach to health and weight loss. Phase one is a two week jump start fat loss period, the second phase is ongoing until you reach the desired weight loss goal and size, and phase three is designed as an eating plan to keep your weight in line and keep you in control. Fast Track Plan: This plan comes with a 30 day supply of supplements designed to keep you healthy and support colon and liver health while you cleanse and detoxify the body.

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  • The Author is very well known and respected in the field.


  • Must purchase starter kits and such to get plan information.
  • Not much information offered up front on any of the plans.


Because Anne Louise Gittlemen is so well known and highly respected; it stands to reason plans devised by her would work well. The downfall lies in the expense of the books and supplements required to make the plans work for you. If you can afford it, go ahead and try it. Otherwise, you may want to try something else with a balanced diet and exercise.

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