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Anodrol is a steroid used by bodybuilders and other athletes to improve performance and gain muscle mass. Some endurance athletes also use steroids like Anodrol. Steroids are known to increase testosterone, which is the effect most athletes are looking for, but the side effects of taking products like Anodrol can last a lifetime. We found several websites selling Anodrol Orals. It appears SDI Labs is one of the main manufacturers of the product. It is available in capsule form. Real Anodrol is sold in liquid form, which we assume is injected. The active ingredient in Anodrol Orals is oxymethobol.

List of Ingredients

Oxymethobol oral supplement.

Product Features

Anodrol Orals is not the same thing as Anodrol. Anodrol is a liquid product formulated by SDI Labs and it may be a steroid, but that is not the case with Anodrol Orals. Anodrol Orals is sold as an “anabolic alternative.” That means the supplement is created to mimic Anodrol or a real steroid in hopes of selling more product. That does not mean Anodrol Orals does not have a positive effect on muscle growth and endurance, but it will not carry the same side effects of benefits of steroids.

There is a huge problem in the bodybuilding and supplement market and that problem is false advertising. Products like Anodrol are not the real thing, according to various bodybuilding forum posts. Bodybuilders are a close knit community that shares great supplements and warnings about supplements not worth the time or money. SDI Labs is one of those companies on the black list because the company sells what it calls “anabolics” that are not really steroids at all. The tag line for one of the products tells the entire story. All buyers receive a free guide. It is a “complete informational guide for ‘real’ anabolic agents.”

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  • May improve strength, muscle mass and leanness.
  • Sold online through SDI Labs and other companies.


  • Very little information on the supplement.
  • Not designed for dieters.
  • Created to look like a real steroid, but that is not the case.
  • More expensive than other natural supplements.


Anodrol from SDI Labs is not a steroid. The supplement id designed to look like a steroid, but the user will soon figure out the difference when they don’t feel the same type of effects. Bodybuilding forums warn visitors that SDI Labs is not to be taken seriously. All the company sells are long lists of promises that cannot be backed up with proven effects. Anodrol may cause negative side effects, but information on the active ingredient is limited. Again, SDI Labs does not sell real steroids and Anodrol is not the supplement the company claims it to be.

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    will oxymethobol cause someone to test positive for methanphetamines on a urinalysis?