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What You Should Know

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Antaeus Labs is a prohormone factory. There are lots of prohormones that are illegal for production and use in the United States, but prohormones are nothing more than chemical compounds, so it takes a lab and some knowledge of chemistry to formulate a completely new compound that is not listed on the banned substance list. Prohormones work like steroids or testosterone and they DO work, but there is a price. Many prohormones, including those from Antaeus Labs, can be toxic to the liver. Liver support is required before, during and after the prohormone cycle and not just the liver supplement found in your local grocery store. Bodybuilders need to research prohormones and how to safely use these supplements before attempting to start a cycle with any of the supplements sold on the Antaeus Labs website.

List of Ingredients


  • Prohormones, including Trenazone, Ultradrol, Aegis, Mechabol and Axon.

Product Features

Antaeus Labs is a prohormone company, pure and simple. Some of the products are formulated for use with prohormones, like the Aegis liver support. Others are to be used with other cycles of bodybuilding, like the stimulant Axon the company just released. But, at the core of the supplement line-up are the prohormones. There is a lot of science in the product descriptions, which means the average dieter will have no idea what they are reading. But, like we said earlier, prohormones are all about the chemistry.

Despite all that science, clinical studies aren’t listed. So, what does it mean when a company is willing to share the details of a supplement using huge words and pictures of chemical structures, but they are not willing to share clinical support? It either means the supplement has no clinical support or the clinical studies weren’t positive.

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  • We were able to find an updated official website for Antaeus Labs.
  • The website showed current and future planned supplements.
  • Some of the supplements, like Aegis, are pretty solid.


  • There are no products designed for the average dieter.
  • Some of the supplements may be dangerous if taken by someone with a medical condition.
  • Not all the ingredients are safe for all dieters.


When it comes to choosing a supplement it is best to choose one that is safe and effective. Antaeus Labs may produce effective supplements, but they don’t do a very good job of supporting those supplements with clinical research and support. We suggest the dieter choose a different company and the bodybuilder choose a company that offers more than chemical structures.

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